Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Programming doesn't feel like work, which may be why I do so little of it on the job.

It's a three-way birthday tomorrow, starring gypsyjr, lady_agrias, and mrbubba. Wow... you guys who like to wait until the very end really stick together, don't you?

Today's Bridge: We had five people, surprisingly, and Ken drew the king right off the bat. It was a pretty interesting rubber, mainly due to the final hand. We started with my 3S opener, which Mike raised to 4S and I made without a problem. Then I had a really strong hand and got competetive in the auction, ending with a 2H contract that we just couldn't make - Mike was really weak, but at least he had three hearts to my four. The opponents rallied with a contract that just completely failed to work for them, off three, followed by a legitimate game where one of our opponents (I forget who) failed to bid very strong and missed their reasonable chance at slam, which Mike says they'd have made by pulling his A-Q of spades and making the king good to avoid losing to my queen of diamonds. (I might have those hands reversed, in which case, I gave them a boost by scoring their set non-vulnerable.) So it came down to the final hand, and I had reasonable strength: S A-K-x-x H Q-J-x-x D K-6-5-4 C 10. I opened 1D, Mike responded 2D, and Kelly bid 2S. I don't think a double was out of the question, and Ken agreed with me. Keith and Mike both passed that, and I worried that we'd just doubled them into rubber, but Kelly went to 2NT, and I bid 3D over it. Not that I thought she could make 2NT, but I'd been shooting for 3D all along and was hoping Mike would bid over my double. What he had was S x-x H x-x D Q-J-x-x-x C Q-J-9-x. I won the opening spade lead in hand, considered setting up a quick spade (over)ruff, but realized that my diamonds were plenty long, and pulled the lot in two rounds. Kelly cashed her A-K- of hearts, setting up my honors, and exited with a spade to my king, so I gave up my club loser (finishing the defensive book), ruffed the club return, and threw the last two clubs under my good hearts to claim the rest. Had Kelly not cashed her heart honors, I'd have been able to set up the clubs - she has to lead a club or a spade, and I'm guaranteed two club tricks out of the four, so I run the ten of clubs first and use spade ruffs as board entries, first to lead clubs until I pull the last honor, then to cash the rest. Their best bet might actually be to let the ten win the trick, because then I need THREE board entries, and I don't have them. Still, if I lead my queen of hearts and again play Kelly for the A-K, she'll be in the lead and will either have to lead clubs herself, setting up my third board entry, or lead hearts, setting up my remaining honor for the ninth trick (two spades, two spade ruffs, three long diamonds in my hand, the ten of clubs, and the heart). It all hinges on the diamonds splitting 2-2, though. Anyway, Mike and I decided afterward that 2S Dbl wouldn't have been too bad for us - I start with the club, Kelly covers and leads a trump, I win and lead a diamond, Kelly covers and leads another trump, I win again and lead a second diamond, Mike takes and gives me a club ruff, and we still have at least one heart trick and one club trick to win somewhere along the way for a one or two-trick set. I really didn't want to play that, though.

Today's Work: I think I'm done with the change I was working on yesterday... I finished the initial implementation, anyway, but as always, there's lots of testing to do, and it will probably be pretty complicated. I might just ask for a peer review to make sure I didn't typo anything.

Today's Gaming: I didn't play anything, in favor of working on my own game again. I've added an interface for creating switches that cause effects like moving elevators and floors, and floors that crumble when a character stands on them. Pretty simple, really, although I want to upgrade the switches so they can perform more than one action each - being able to make more than one elevator move would be a plus, so I could do things like crushing ceilings or moving staircases.

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