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Today's Bridge: We won, and I wasn't partnered with Dan. He even admitted that they had the cards to win, but they misbid a few times. The first hand was ours in 3H after I opened 2C in fourth seat. Steve responded 2S, and I bid my five-card heart suit, which he passed. Good thing, too... he had only five points and a four-card spade suit, but didn't realize that 2D was the correct negative response. As it turned out, we made four because Paul ducked the queen of spades near the end for some reason. I believe taking it might have made the jack on the board good, but I had no way back to the board to cash it... I was depending on the tricks in my hand after taking the spade losers. With the extra trick in hand, I claimed one over. Had Paul taken, we would have made exactly the three. Then Paul opened hearts, Dan bid a minor, and Paul jumped to 3H to show his strength. Dan passed that because he thought he'd misbid, and they ended up making five. Close rubber... then they bid and made 2NT exactly for the first game. Had they not had a partscore, they probably would have tried for 3NT and gone down. After that, Steve and I buckled down and bid and made a 4S contract to tie things up, game-wise. Then we had a fun hand... I think I opened 1C, Steve bid 1D, I bid 1H, he bid 2H, I bid 3H (I had 16 points), and he passed. His hearts were K-J-9 and mine were A-Q-10-6. So we had all the high ones, but we were pretty short. I played around in diamonds a bit, taking my losers there, and voided myself in spades with another loser, then trumped Paul's spade to get back into my hand in preparation to pull trump and steeled myself to find a 4-2 split. I was right, and Paul had one heart left when I was done spending all of my trump. So I did what I could and cashed my winners, hoping that everything would split. It did, and Paul could only trump the final trick to give us exactly nine. Then they went through another interesting bidding snafu. Dan opened 1D, Paul responded 2C, Dan bid 2H (showing a four-card heart suit), and Paul closed the bidding at 3NT. Dan didn't like that due to his club void and bid 4H. Paul was mystified and bid 4NT. Not sure whether Dan took that as Blackwood (I think he assumed, as I did, that it was a natural notrump bid), but he bid his diamonds, and Paul put him at 6H. They went down two, but I wasn't strong enough to double. Finally, Paul opened 3C behind me when I had S x-x H Q-J-x-x-x D A-K-J-x C A-x. I felt safe bidding 3H over that, even though I was a little light. Dan bid 4C, Steve bid 4H, and Dan went up to 5C. Well, I've got a probable three tricks in my hand, and my partner has some power, so I'm naturally going to double... but Steve bid 5H, and Dan doubled that on the strength of his spades, I think, and possibly something in clubs as well. I was not happy with Steve until I saw his hand: S x-x-x-x-x H A-K-x-x D Q-x-x-x. That diamond queen saved our bacon for sure. Naturally, I won the diamond lead in my hand, pulled trump in two rounds (they didn't even need to split for this to work), cashed the rest of the diamonds except one, led the low club and ruffed, got back to my hand with the last diamond, cashed the club ace and the rest of the hearts and gave Dan his two spades. With a 90 partscore already under our line, we made 300 plus 50 for the double, and finished the rubber for another 500, a total of 850 plus the actual victory. Doubling 5C would have given us a total of 800 for a three-trick vulnerable doubled set... I lead the A-K of diamonds, see that Dan's out of them, and switch to hearts for Steve to get his A-K, and I still get the ace of clubs at some point. I think they get enough of a crossruff or cashable spades that we don't get any of the other red suit honors, but we still set them three. Still, the cards were kind to us on that hand. Then Paul and Dan bid up to 3NT while Steve desperately bid in the minors and I had all of the queen of spades to support him with. He ended up changing his preferred 4C to 4D when Paul doubled both, and we got set three. But we won the first rubber, and I feel good about that. The 3H contract was INTENSE...

I have way too much to do tomorrow, new things come up about every hour or so, and I'm going to forget half of it by the time it's due. I'd make a list, but forget to put something on your list and you're REALLY screwed...

Finished the Galaxy Angel DVD at last and discovered that there were only three episodes on the Comic Party DVD. But there was a mini-episode, which I watched. Tomorrow, in addition to buying Pretear 4 and L/R 3, I have to decide what else to watch... Probably either RahXephon or FMP. I have to finish those someday.

My dinner came from a tray, a box, a bag, a tub, and a spraycan. Nachos... yum.

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