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Today's Bridge: Rather stinky. I passed a fourth suit forcing bid because I figured it was our best suit, I couldn't bid notrump, and I didn't want to raise the bidding to the 3 level when we didn't have a fit. Turned out we did have a fit, in my first suit. I think I had A-K-J-x-x in clubs, A-Q-x-x-x in diamonds, and three little spades, and Steve had four or five hearts, three spades, and three or four clubs. I opened 1C, he bid 1H, I bid 2D, and he bid 2S. Okay, so I figured we were each two-suited, and that meant he had no more than three in each of my suits, probably fewer, and I had three spades (probably to the ace, now that I think of it... maybe my minor honors weren't as good as I thought), so spades was probably the closest we were going to come to a fit. I left it there. We didn't quite make it, although Steve made a valiant effort with some excellent ruffing. I had a similar situation in the last hand, although I screwed up by not taking the finesse that I thought was guaranteed to lose. If I was going to lose it, I should have run it anyway. Turns out the finesse would have made, and I might well have made an overtrick had I played that way, although I think I lose two clubs and a diamond. I was looking at the horrible clubs we had, the best being my K-J and the dummy's 10, but Paul had the A-Q under me, and we had nine hearts between us. Wouldn't have made much difference, though, since our opponents blew us away completely in the first rubber.

Otherwise, work was productive. I resolved the CVS issues and committed my code changes at last, but I'm still waiting for a CM tag so I can start the peer review process. Fat chance it'll be done by the weekend, since the changes are very extensive, and the other project guys are on travel all next week. They might be able to look at the changes while they're there, and actually I think that would be a great idea for a way to look busy, but will they be able to submit their reviews from there? Bah, of course they will. I'm just rueing all the things that have kept me from having this done Friday like I wanted to, giving me a full week to get this peer review pushed through as I'd intended. Then we could spend next week doing the unit tests and integrating the rest of the changes I've made... and progress would be the standard rather than a miraculous happening every once in a while. But this is the real world, so of course it doesn't work that way.

I watched two more episodes of Galaxy Angel, which corresponds to one episode of anything else. I figured if American Idol wasn't going to be on tonight, I might as well watch the new episodes of That 70s Show. Now, which show will get booted on Thursday, Wonderfalls or the Tru Calling Tamyra Gray special? Take a guess... although I've found Tru Calling to be somewhat less than detestable. Last week's episode was interesting, and the ending leads me to believe I've picked it up just in time to see a plot develop. I hate when that happens. Why can I never watch a show when it's a good wholesome episodic phenomenon? X-Files, Tru Calling... probably others as well that I come into just when they assume everyone's already watching it. And if I catch something from the beginning, it dies before it can get good. That's your John Doe, G vs. E (which later returned on another channel as Good vs. Evil and never told me), and probably Wonderfalls as well if things keep up this way. If it's canceled for two weeks in a row, it may as well be off the air for good. Screw you, Fox Broadcasting. Seriously. Also, I think American Idol is now on the delayed broadcast schedule anyway. But I'd only care about that if I supported the corrupt voting system, which I refuse to do.

Found a couple of prereaders for the GTP sidestory chapter, and made a few changes based on the first set of comments, so I'm feeling better about the chapter now. Maybe things will come together over this week, or maybe I'll just let it be as is and end up posting more or less what I've got. I don't usually make many changes anyway, and they're generally subtle, but I feel much better after making them.

I think there was a funny quote from Galaxy Angel that was perfect for out-of-context quoting, but I can't remember what it is. So, instead, you get a quiet squawk. Squawk. That should be funny enough.

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