Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I'm a new man today

Specifically, I'm registered to vote. Curt points out that we haven't really accomplished much until we ACTUALLY vote, but the way I see it, if this election can lead ME, Nidoking, to register, then due to the sheer improbability factor, one hundred BILLION other people are also registering just to vote for Obama. This is a statistical fact: I'll show you the math if you really need to see it. Given that, it will be a Democratic LANDSLIDE. It's already unanimous, except in Alaska, the "Can I Call You Joe?" state; Indiana, the "What Color Is Blue Again?" state; and Florida, the "CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" state.

I had my first meal at Sonic today... just a breakfast burrito and some of the blandest tater tots ever. Should have had a Coney dog.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my mock "Let's Play" run of Sands of Time (I figure it would be a good one to start with if I ever get the recording equipment) and finally getting around to beating The Two Thrones. I was right at the end the whole time... there was almost no game left. Oh well. Now I've completed the series. I just need to figure out whether there are different secrets for beating the game at different difficulties. Then I hit the wrong webpage and stumbled into GameTrailers... which just happened to be featuring the developers' diaries for the next Prince of Persia game. Life does awesome things sometimes.

So no La Tale today either, but I watched Temple of Doom over dinner... it's a much different experience from what I remember about when I watched it in elementary school. I laughed at different parts, for different reasons. Think I'll indulge in a bit more of the Lego video game version before bed. Tomorrow's objective: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 11 and NORA. Must have NORA.

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