Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

"Welcome to Let's Play Quicksand, I'm your host, Quicksand!"

Oh, Ultiform... you are so sadly funny and yet, so funnily sad.

Today's Bridge: I managed to get an ace, and the two who didn't decided not to look for additional players. Sadly, we didn't get much material to work with.

Today's Work: About as much meta-work as actual work, I'd say. I fixed some problems, but there were some things not on our list, so I needed to do the administrative stuff. Fortunately, with only two of us left on the project, I'm the one who's not in charge. The other guy's really stepped up to the plate already. We've even got a to-do list. A TO-DO list. Like I told him, I hate making to-do lists because that's time I could spend to-doing. The problem is that we have several lists already telling us what to do, they don't all agree, and there are things not on any of them that we nevertheless need to do. I found a really obscure problem that requires a rather convoluted series of steps to duplicate, but the fix is so simple, and the consequences of not fixing it so... weird, that I can't imagine us not putting it in the current build.

Today's Gaming: None for me yet... I figured I'd let these guys handle it. Also, Mom called for Curt just after he left, so I talked to her instead. Maybe I'll play something for a while before bed, having missed the episode of Jeopardy I forgot I wanted to watch. Reminders always come too early for me.
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