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I don't know whether "asshat" is the best word evar [sic], but it's certainly fun. I could imagine having a hat that looked like a butt, sort of like in the cantina scene from Star Wars. And if someone calls you a butthead, you can say "no, it's just an asshat." On second thought, that's a pretty stupid idea. It belongs at the end of the entry, not at the beginning.

The security training didn't happen today, but that left me more time to work. I got my travel expense form turned in, mountains of other paperwork, and worked out a few situations in the ADCP PCR I'm working on (yes, with all the random administrative CRAP I have to deal with, I am still pretending that I'm supposed to be working on the actual project itself). I think that one's about ready to be peer reviewed, finally. One more test may confirm that for sure, or it might show other problems. Only one way to find out.

Fox moved Wonderfalls to Thursday night last week, just in time to cancel it this week for an encore of The Swan. Asshats.

Today's Bridge: Yet another debacle. I'll let Paul's words say it all: he's begun to believe that he can make any notrump contract he bids. Our first contract was 3NT doubled, and EVERYTHING was offsides. There were several finesses, all of which failed. Mike opened 1D, and it was Dan who held the A-Q-x. Mike had the king and jack of clubs over my queen, and the king of hearts over my A-Q, I think, and my long clubs ended up completely useless. We went down FIVE on that hand... the rubber was already over. The next hand was also 3NT over my 2NT, which was a pure denial of Paul's hearts, and I was off two doubled. There was a hand where I had a single point (J-x-x of clubs) and we ended up in my long suit, hearts, by pure coincidence, I'm sure. I think we made four but only bid three. Another hand, we had ten spades between us, but I think we were off one there. In the final hand, Mike opened 2D and Paul didn't bid anything because he was 4-4 in the majors and had three diamonds... had he doubled, I'd have bid hearts and we'd have found a heart game. As it was, I had five points (S x-x H A-9-x-x-x-x C J-10-x-x-x) and really couldn't balance, so we missed what would have been a heart game. Even though Dan had the K-Q-J of hearts, that's two tricks for him, and they'd get a club as well. The spade finesse was onsides, giving us two spade tricks, so we make four. Paul's really interested in Blue Club now, even though it sounds rather strange at first. I plan to go over it in detail this weekend.

Sailor Moon episode 26 is downloading, and I still can't get the ending of the GTP sidestory chapter to sound right. And it took forever to wash the pans from tonight's rather burnt dinner. Also, it's reached that point of mid-summer when it becomes so hot in my apartment that even with the air conditioner (such as it is) on full-blast all the time, it's still uncomfortable to wear clothes indoors. But the heating thermostat only reads 75, which isn't high enough to count as an emergency. The cooling thermostat reads 83. So nobody come to my door, okay? I don't feel like getting dressed to answer it.

Oh, someone left Easter eggs on all the desks today, and they left an extra one for Ryo-Ohki. I'll let her hold it for a while and then bring it home for the Pokemon to share.

Asshats. It is a pretty cool word, isn't it? And now I know not to be one.

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