Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Trust your instincts. Do a barrel roll!

Today's Bridge: At least two people who could have been number 8 were nowhere to be found, so three of us had to sit out. That's the polar opposite of awesome.

Today's Work: Things to do! Mostly rather boring things, but they were things, and I did them. Yay.

Yesterday's Daily Show: Made of win and pudding. Delicious pudding.

Today's Life in a Game: I was too distracted to pay much attention, but it was still funny. I need to watch it again sometime. But I've been trying to decide whether to keep trying the final tournament in Kingdom Hearts 2, or skip it and just beat the game in Hard mode for the special ending. I'm doing a little of each, but switching between save files is annoying. So is building up Drive forms, which I know is critical for at least one optional quest that I intend to complete. I know I've got plenty of games to get through, but there's something relaxing about playing old ones. So should I just go and beat the final boss, forget the special ending, and say I beat the game, or should I insist on perfection? Or put the game away again and go back to something like FF12?

At least I've got disc 6 of Death Note for the Misa-centric episodes. She may be annoying, but I think it must be admitted that she's kind of cute, and most of the humor centers on her. Okay, MOST of it is L, and the rest is mainly Matsuda, but she's... well, she's got her... Misa.

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