Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Because I'm fed up, news

California lawmakers say hybrid cars need to be louder so blind people can hear them coming. I'd say California needs better drivers.

A man steals Pizza Hut signs, asks for a ransom, and sends a picture of them to prove he has them - with his license plate visible in the background. Score one for digital photo enhancement.

The No-Fly list becomes the No-Citizenship list. A Somalian refugee had the misfortune to share names with a Canadian terrorist. Apparently, the fact that the terrorist has been in prison for five years didn't stop the government from getting the two confused.

A Mexico City priest joins the crowd blaming women's clothing (or relative lack thereof) for rape. The article lists some of the counterexamples that women's rights groups are proposing, but they miss an obvious one: What about all the boys in the Catholic churches? Were THEY dressed in miniskirts? Before the priests got to them, I mean.

And finally, a Texas man grows his own marijuana because it's become too expensive to buy it. Have you thought about WHY that is? Maybe he could cut costs by making his own gasoline. Or driving a hybrid car - provided it's loud enough.

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