Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I still don't know what "love" and "tennis" are supposed to have in common

We started the day with about half an hour of "tennis". I put it in quotes because we were having enough trouble just hitting the ball into the court. My motor memory has failed me - but since I have no mental memory of 15 years ago, I don't see why I'd have any other kind of memory from then. I've lived half my life without playing tennis at all... why would I start again now? Well, aside from the mild heatstroke (a cool shower, a cool bath, and lots of lying down has brought me to the end of the day with only a slight headache), I suppose there was some fun in it. Curt gets to do something he enjoys, and I can only assume that he considers chasing after the errant balls a fair price to pay. Except the one that went over the fence. I totally would have had that if I'd brought my racket with me.

Today's Gaming: Of course, it makes sense that Raijin absorbs lightning and Fuujin absorbs wind - those are their names, after all. So why did the two characters with elemental attacks have THOSE two elements equipped? Fortunately, those are easy battles even without sensible physical attacks. It further seems, and I don't believe I knew this, that Cerberus is immune to Water and absorbs Thunder. I learn something new every time I play this game. And I'll have to keep it all in mind through next week, until I have access to it again. If I do any more gaming tonight, I expect it'll be Rock Band or something else I can quit at a moment's notice. I showed Curt Quidditch World Cup - I still think it's a game that could probably do with an update. If they got even non-film related voice actors to provide the kind of in-depth commentary they have for the Madden games (or at least, something other than the same few lines repeated over and over), more interesting cut-scene animations, and multiplayer, particularly networked (would be tough to manage Quidditch on one screen), it would actually be pretty fun - even though it's doubtful two human players could manage a 150-point lead, what happens during the game affects the initial positions in the Snitch chase. I played Ravenclaw through to the final match against Gryffindor today, and by the end of the game, not only did I have a 180-point lead (180-0, oddly enough), but I had almost all of the boost meter. The two Seekers split a boost meter according to how their team performs, and Harry's was barely visible while Cho had plenty of boost. I was all over the place, rarely in the slipstream (which builds up the boost meter), and I still never saw hide nor hair of Harry. I'm actually beginning to hope the opposition gets a bit tougher later on, because of all the games I've played, the only team that's scored against me was Slytherin. And that was an opening goal followed by a Special Shot in one match, and I let Draco catch the Snitch in another when we were already 330 points ahead.

Well, that's all for tonight. I need to get the computer packed and take my night-before shower so there's little to do tomorrow but pack up the car and leave. I'm bringing my wireless mouse this time, so I'll have some control aside from the touchpad, and my puzzle book as a substitute for in-flight magazines, in case they neglect to provide them again. I should also probably clean up the paper accumulation on my desk from the weekend - a bit more cleaning, turning up papers that need to be shredded, and of course, my receipts and the accounting. And paying that tax bill before I leave - that would be a good idea too.

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