Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Experiment... Failure. But only just.

Today's Bridge: Some highly unfortunate bids by Bruce. He started by overbidding a 7-point hand, then compensated by passing a 13-point hand on the next round. It was a 1S contract that made 4 with a possible play for 6 that ultimately fails. He capped it by misplaying a 4D that might have made, but was probably off one no matter how it went. He did some things that I approved of, though, and I told him so.

Today's Work: I didn't get to leave as early as I wanted, but we did solve plenty of problems. There are a few left that nag at me, but they're minor enough that we might not even bother with them next week unless we run out of integration-related things to do.

Today's Taco Hell run: The itemized receipt printer was out of order, and the credit slip printer was out of toner, so they made my food first, then got me a credit slip, and finally took Curt's order while my food sat on the counter. After he got his food, I finally asked for my cup. I forgot to order sour cream. I don't think ANYONE quite got that transaction right.

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