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Monkeys and sirens! Monkeys and sirens!

Happy birthday to bettybaker... it's been a while since you had one of those, wasn't it? Something like ten months, give or take a few?

Today's Bridge: We made a few sacrifices that may or may not have worked out in our favor. Hard to tell... we played 4S with a seven-card spade fit and a ten-card diamond fit. Ew. The last hand was interesting, in that it made six but shouldn't even have made the four we bid. I had S K-x-x H K-J-x-x D A-J-x-x C J-x and Dan had S A-x H Q-x-x-x D Q-9-x-x C A-K-x. I opened 1D, he jumped to 3D, I bid 3H, he bid 4H, and I left it there because I was weak and didn't think we had a slam try. Indeed we didn't, but Ken led a spade, let me have two rounds of trump before playing his ace, and led the king of diamonds. He had four of them, but I cashed the jack on the second trick, giving me a Q-9 tenace on the board over his 10-x. Given the bidding, he could count Dan and me for eight diamonds, and he had four himself. A low diamond would be a natural lead, after which he can take the ace of hearts on the first trump trick and lead a second diamond for the ruff. It holds us to four, and I can't stop him from getting the king of diamonds as well, setting the contract.

Today's Gaming: I was weak and went back to Myst 4. I found one more clue, but I'm stumped at the last one. I searched everything I could think of to find what I need to do, but the nearest thing I think I've found to a hint was a dud, as far as I can tell. I'm feeling the temptation to use one of the hint systems... either online, or the in-game hint map. I really don't want to have to resort to that. There may be another option, given that I'm only missing one piece of the puzzle, but it would be pretty lame to take the guessing route.

I promised someone my opinion of Angel Diary, so here's my impression of the first book: I have no idea what's going on. For one thing, it feels like they skipped three panels on every page. The action and dialogue jump around so much that it's like watching a movie and hitting fast forward every few seconds. The story reminds me a bit of Eerie Queerie - kid gets possessed by ghosts all the time, and the only guy with the power to protect him is really touchy-feely and has a CLAMP-style one-sided crush on him, only in this series, it's the princess of Heaven disguised as a boy instead of an otherwise ordinary kid. There are four guardians who are supposed to be bringing the princess back, but at least two of them know who she is and are trying to keep her hidden, while I can't tell how many characters the other two are... there are two other kids who might or might not be them in disguise. I honestly can't follow it well enough to tell. At least in Trigun Maximum, I have some idea who most of the characters are, if it's at all important. There's obviously a lot going on that I don't understand yet, like secret identities and a couple of soul hunters who recognize the princess but may or may not show up again to keep chasing her. Maybe it'll make sense after a few more books. Instead, I'm going to plug another series I just started: Guardian Hearts. It's got some cute, but it's mostly really busy. There are lots of series out there that introduce one or two characters at a time... look at Ranma 1/2, compared to a series like Love Hina or Sister Princess that dumps a huge cast on you all at once. (Or Negima, which dumps about five casts' worth of characters on you at once.) This series sort of tries to do that, except that there's a new character in every chapter. They're all aliens, they all live in the same house, and with one exception, none of them realizes that every other girl in the house is also an alien. The space cop is trying to catch all the rest of them, but she's not very good at her job and the guy always intervenes to help them escape. And the uniform thief (she gains super powers if she can collect a hundred of the same uniform) doesn't really show up much after her debut chapter. The author's notes even make fun of that. I like cute female characters just fine, but I really wish the series would slow down and establish SOMETHING before throwing another one in the mix. And next volume? More new characters, this time villains. At least there's some humor.

Waking up with a stiff neck wasn't particularly pleasant, so I'm going to lie down and hope it goes away by morning.

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