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Tomorrow is hicat's birthday, but she said it before I could. So I'm second, as usual.

Today's Bridge: Dan and Paul suffered a few sets, but it wasn't enough to prevent their game from giving them the win.

Today's Work: I finished the difficult task I needed to do and fixed a few other things, and even managed to separate the fixes so I could commit them separately. Not a bad day's work. Only one day left, though, and an interminable list of little problems to work on. I got through the main checklist I set out for myself, which was the important thing. Now it's just choosing between fixing real problems and changing text on the screen. Believe me, the testers we have working for us would probably rather the text be spelled correctly than the cameras move where they're supposed to. Or so I understand from their test reports.

Today's Gaming: Jack Keane runs just fine on the new computer... as long as I don't try to set its resolution higher than that of the computer's current setting. That seems to cause a DirectX 9 failure. Oops. I figured out how to solve the puzzle that had stumped me before. Hooray hotspot button... it's the Diet Coke of hints. Still no ideas for Myst 4. I might have an idea of where I'm missing the key detail, but I don't feel like starting the game again just to check it out. It's a long way away and time-consuming to get to. Instead, I played a bit of Portal: The Flash Game, and finally beat the level I couldn't figure out before. It's so simple.

Now to find something to do for the next half hour that won't once again stretch into my Sailor Moon time... last episode of season S tonight or bust! (And bust, depending on which characters feature most, er, prominently.)


Jul. 11th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
It's okay, you're the first not-me to say it!! I think. On LJ. You're definitely the first one to say TOMORROW is my birthday. Apparently everyone thought it was my birthday the day that lj/facebook/myspace said my birthday was coming up... Ha.

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