Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I'm a complete screw-up today

Today's Bridge: I screwed up two hands - one in which I could have set the opponents by placing the ace of clubs in my partner's hand... an easy guess, since he'd shown out of everything else, including every honor in the suit he'd bid; and one where I placed the diamond honors with the opponent who'd bid like he had nothing but clubs and hearts. It still isn't likely to make the 5S that was bid, but with the line of play the opponents took, correctly playing the diamonds would have done the trick.

Today's Gaming: The new processor came today, so Curt got it installed and helped me set up the new computer in my room. We've tried lots of video options and control options, during which I completely blew the entirety of Albatross 18 (as in, I've been playing so poorly I'm surprised they haven't demoted me to Rookie - my timing seems to be REALLY off on the new system, and isn't improving at all with practice) and felt incredibly guilty over how much Curt did to help me get things set up. I'm still not sure why he got me component video cables when the DVI to HDMI converter gives a better picture... probably trying to help me find a cheaper option. It's close in quality, but there's a tiny bit of difference. Now, I could use really long component cables to hook the computer to the other TV and have a redundant display... I found out how to set that up, and it might be handy for webcam Rock Band sessions, if those ever happen again. But I need to find a place to put the drum set where it will be out of the way... I'm thinking the trash, for all the good it's ever going to do me, but if I still have Kartia and Ephemeral Fantasia, it's pretty obvious that I never get rid of crappy games no matter how horrible they are. On the plus side, the computer handles both Narbacular Drop (which I "beat") and Albatross 18 at the highest resolutions and settings with no problems. Now I just need to buy all the cables for it, and another extension cord/surge protector so I can plug my Gamecube and Wii remote charger back in - the computer has a separate power supply for the graphics card, which is awesome and uses another outlet.

Today's Work: I signed into the travel system to make a change that my manager asked for, only to discover that he'd already made it. That was the next E-mail in the chain. I didn't know whether I needed to sign the "adjustment" or not, so I did. The travel office probably hates me now. The good news is that with regards to programming, I don't think I screwed anything up, and I got a few things done. The big one is coming tomorrow, but I'm ready for it. I can make helper functions while I wait for the CCB to be over, and that should tell me what I'm doing with the helper functions. The problem is that four different teams (in addition to we software engineers) are simultaneously trying to determine our requirements, and none of them agree on what they should be. It's a bit late for that, given that the upcoming build was supposed to be (and in a sense, still is) pretty final.

Screw today. I'm going to bed.

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