Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Back to a routine

Can't forget to wish cutest_sandgirl a happy birthday tomorrow... you've been through a lot, so take the time to make sure you enjoy this day, at least!

Today's Bridge: It was a shutout. Despite Raymond missing my high-low signals in both hands we defended (and in one of them, I won the first trick and led the low card in the suit right away... he still didn't lead one back), we set both because my trump were just that long and Ken didn't pull them early enough. We made all of our contracts, including one that resulted from one of the strangest and yet possibly most instructive auctions I've ever been part of. I had H A-Q-10-x D A-Q-J-x-x C K-x-x-x, so I opened 1D (I think I was second seat for this one), Raymond responded 1S (as expected), I bid 3H, he bid 4C, I bid 4D (intending to choose clubs as trump but hoping to determine whether 6 was possible), he bid 4H, and I passed, figuring that 4H was makeable even if we had a seven-card fit. Dan doubled, so when it got back around to me, I bid 5C. The way I see it, I've promised 5 diamonds and 4 hearts already, and my club bid SHOULD indicate that I know we have a better club fit than the heart fit... hence I have 4 clubs. Add them up, and I've got a spade void. With Raymond's diamond void, it would still have been tough to bid the slam or grand slam, but Ken led a diamond and pulled Dan's king handily, giving us 6 when Raymond didn't try for the heart finesse (it works).

Today's Work: The guy who's bringing back our code changes was out today, so I spent the day catching up with E-mail, submitting my travel voucher (I don't know what "PAY STATUS IGNORE" means, but I've never seen it before), and doing what I could to catch up on computer security updates. I installed a new Linux kernel but haven't had time to test it yet. Fortunately, the old one still appears to be there, so I have a backup in case I screwed something up.

I spent the evening until now watching videos, so it's time for more Exile. I have a few ideas for where to go next. Maybe one will pan out.

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