Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Whats Important: Obviously not apostrophes

Today's Fortune: "". Except without the quote marks. I ate at a local Chinese place and got an empty fortune cookie. Well, that wisdom wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

Today's Work: I actually had a few problems... including one really sad failure to unlock a mutex. This is why I wanted a peer review. At least I found it.

I managed to get out early enough to have a quick dinner before the movie... which was a sad, sad experience. The sound wasn't working for the first twenty minutes or so, and when it started, I wished it hadn't. English dubbing! It could have been worse. The theater management gave everyone a choice of moving to a different theater to watch any other movie (for a $10 ticket? Uh... NO. If I'm going to watch an $8 movie, I'll buy an $8 ticket, thankyouverylittle) or staying to watch and getting a free pass afterward. I stayed, because that was my plan for the night. I may use the pass next time I'm in town, or the time after that... I'll be back to Fredericksburg several times between now and the end of the year. As for the movie itself, it wasn't bad. Ryuk moved unnaturally at times, even compared to the manga... mostly when he laughed. He was funny, though, particularly in relation to the plot details that were changed. I didn't like some of them, but I suppose it helps them package more plot into a short movie. L was great... very true to the original character. Light, not so much so, I felt. Close, but the plot gave him characteristics that just didn't work for me. His sadism in the movie stretched the bounds of even what he did in the manga, I thought. Matsuda, also, was a great character, even though he was so minor. He needed a bigger part. I say it wasn't worth $10, even for the bonus footage... but if the DVD version has the Japanese track on it, I'll still buy it. If not, companies need to learn who their target audience for Japanese movies is. They didn't even try to dub Love*Com. That's my kind of adaptation. If they put Death Note: The Last Name in American theaters, I think I'll skip it. In conclusion, if you missed it in the theater, you didn't miss much. Read the manga or watch the anime.

Maybe I'll get to catch up on my webcomics tomorrow... just Livejournal and a couple of forums have drained what little time I've had the past two days.

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