Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

All in three days' work, but I only had today to do it

Today's Bridge: Keith returned once again, and he was my partner. He didn't get to play any hands, unfortunately, but we didn't have much to work with. I ended with a 4D go-it-alone sacrifice (S K-x-x H Q-x D A-K-10-x-x-x C Q-x ish) for off two, which was the high point of the rubber.

Today's Gaming: Even though it was House night, I decided to ignore it for the most part because I really wanted to get back into Blue Dragon. I had a theory about where one of the two missing dragons might be, and it turned out to be correct. Moreover, it was surprisingly easy. The first time I fought it, I didn't bother to go in at full strength, just to size it up. It wiped out the party with a few big attacks and amazing speed. So I went to recover, adjusted my skills a bit (Attack Amp is pretty useless against one enemy, and my magic users were better off with Double Cast than Battle Essence), prepared for a tough fight... and it was a pushover, not once using anything other than a weak to middling attack on one character. The usual buffs, Curse (the greatest spell ever in the history of EVER), and an admittedly marathon session of doing lots of damage... that had to have been somewhere around 75,000 HP. I didn't let up much on the attacks in the late going, and with Marumaro doing over 800 HP per use of his best sword magic, Kluke doing 4-500 per attack and THREE uses of her Corporeal attack for about 4000 each, and everyone else doing in the neighborhood of 220 HP per attack, we did a lot of damage through most of House, and I was beginning to suspect that the hint in the Creature Compendium had something to do with defeating it, some trick to bypassing its infinite HP meter... but it died. Never touched anyone but Kluke, and she can take a pounding. I celebrated my victory by fighting a secret boss that I didn't expect to return, but there it was. Still searching for secret areas, but it doesn't look as though there are any islands out in the corners of the map that aren't shown until you fly to them. Not that I found, anyway. Next time, back to searching for areas likely to harbor the final dragon, as well as anything that looks unfamiliar.

The world of places to go on the web and broadcast video of myself to interested people seems to have dried up entirely. I find it disappointing that now that I finally have a webcam, all the people who wanted to see me on it have given up. Well, there's still YouTube. *shudder*

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