Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Stuff I should post today, but won't

Today's Work: I didn't get much done because we started with Internet problems, then there was the mandatory appreciation pizza party, and then the second "half" of the meeting that we missed the first half of for the pizza party. It was supposed to run from 11-1, leaving time to prepare for a 2:15 developers' meeting. I left at about 4:30, and the meeting was still going... close to wrapping up, I suppose, but man, did that go on pretty much forever.

Today's Gaming: Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. I built up a few weapons and completed almost everything on one planet. I even finally got one of the global skill points.

Today's rant: Almost everything I use to get discounts in stores is on my keyring. Borders card, Kroger card, and even one of those Arby's cards that still fails to make their food affordable. Then there are a couple of tags that sum up my personality in flippant fashion (gifts, both of them), and of course, the keys to things like my house, my car, and something I don't remember that I sure hope I didn't leave locked if anyone needs to get into it, because they're never going to find the key now. It's really inconvenient... because I need to use that keyring for everything, creating a severe loss hazard. I left it at Borders once, but didn't get very far before I had to go back for it. Without being able to start my car, I only made it about two blocks away. The good news is that I always put it in the same designated place when I get home, so unless someone breaks into my room and maliciously hides them, I'm never going to lose my keys at home, which is probably the place most people lose theirs. Still, keys are probably about the third thing on the list of things that, if I lost them, would probably completely destroy my life. My wallet is first, and my glasses are up there too... I couldn't get to an optometrist to get a new pair on my own, and I don't have a spare pair handy. I guess it's not so much life-destroying as really, really annoying in the short term. But I always keep one hand on my wallet and one on my keys, because I can't afford to lose either. Nor, apparently, can I afford to have free hands.

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