Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I'm even less myself than normal lately.

Today's Manga: Air Gear 8 and a few new ones: Two books of Nightmares for Sale, since it sounds appropriately similar to Petshop of Horrors but with less of a pet angle, and one book of a May Viz Media release that happened to be at B&N, The Record of a Fallen Vampire, because it's by the author of Spiral, which is quickly becoming a favorite series even though I only got into it about a month ago.

Today's Anime: Futari H DVD 2 (amazingly, they still had it), Strawberry Panic 1 (another one of those series with way too many characters to keep straight), and although it's not anime, they had the Smokey and the Bandit collection for $15, so I got that too, while I was making one of the biggest purchases I've ever made there.

Rock Band for the PS3.

I figure it was a foregone conclusion when I heard that Still Alive was available as a free download. So I set up my Playstation Network account, downloaded the free quests for Folklore and Still Alive, got myself a Ratchet & Clank theme, and set out to see just how miserable I'd be on the drums. Let's just say it'll be a long time before I feel comfortable playing Medium difficulty. I'm still getting used to the guitar... sure, it's handy having those solo frets, but thanks for the warning when they're going to be useful. When am I going to have time to find them in the middle of a song? I'd rather just use the normal frets and strum like a chump than flail around with the neck of my guitar like a chimp. It took me three songs in Medium before I managed to get through one without missing a note, and there's no indicator of perfection like there was in Guitar Hero. This makes me sad. It's not worth the effort to go back and do the ones where I missed one note over again if it's not going to tell the world I did it. As for singing... once I figure out how to activate Overdrive mode, I'll be set. Yeah, you're supposed to make some kind of noise in the freestyle section. But whatever noise I'm making isn't that noise. The tutorial says it can be anything. Apparently, they're not telling the whole story. The only FAQ on Gamefaqs says it needs to be sustained, so when I feel like using the microphone again, I'll give that a try. I need to see how long the cord on my USB headset is, because if that works well enough, I can use it to sing and play an instrument... once I can do either of those things on its own. And once I get over my obsession with Still Alive... it's like Less Talk, More Rokk. Why play any other song, ever? Still, we need Eternity. For Rock Band OR Guitar Hero... I don't imagine it's got quite enough percussion to work as a Rock Band song, and maybe the vocals are a bit slim (and not really native English), but just imagine how cool those guitar solos would be! Heck, I'd pay for a download of that. Me... PAY for extra game content. Go figure! I suppose there are Freezepop songs in every one of these games, but that can only happify me so much, you know?

I even played some more Riven, and finally figured out how to get to all those places I could see but never reach before. The problem is that I'm facing two puzzles, each of which I think I know the solution for, but I'm missing one key detail. I know where that detail is for each puzzle... in a place that makes it almost completely useless to me. At least there's a clue to where one of them SHOULD be, so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled and see if I can find it. Granted, this isn't much of an accomplishment, since I looked up one thing in a FAQ and caught glimpses of a few more clues I shouldn't have, which made more sense of puzzles I wouldn't have thought much of otherwise. So while I'd love to say most of what I've done is my own achievement, none of it really matters. I'm worthless at this type of thing. Completing the rest of the game without help isn't as much a goal as it is a necessity... while I still won't be able to respect myself for it, at least I won't have to lose any further self-respect. And there's always Exile.

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