Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Yet another one of those days at work. No Bridge, because Paul wasn't there, and both Dan and Steve were too busy to play. Mike and Paul S. were available, though, so I taught Mike how to play The Fool and Lieutenant Skat, and the three of us all had a nice long game of Hearts. I wasn't the loser, but Mike totally dominated. He shot the moon once, and I fell short a few times. I mean, with a hand like H K S A-K-x-x-x-x D A-K-J-10-9-8-7-6-4-2, what else are you going to do? I led the heart king as soon as hearts had broken, but I'd already taken the queen of spades, so Mike covered with the ace and led a spade, which I was forced to take. There were a couple of other boneheaded plays that I made, but I never claimed to be any good at hearts. In fact, I'm really bad at it. I got lucky today. I also got richer... my raise has kicked in, so I got the retroactive pay jump from last pay period as well as the increased pay for this period. It's not as much as I'd been led to expect, but it was definitely more than I was asking for, and more than I was making until now by definition. Even though the second DVD of Tenshi ni Narumon didn't show up today, I'm still happy. I expect it'll arrive tomorrow while I'm out of town, but I'll be back in the afternoon or evening to claim it. Or maybe it was misdelivered or stolen... but I've thought that before, and it either turned out to be wrong, or it was delivered to a courteous neighbor who gave me the package. I've had to redeliver a package myself, so I suppose that could be it. Hopefully, they can catch up with me, because I'm not around much during the day.

I didn't watch any anime yet, because I was busy tidying up the alpha draft of ADC chapter 9 (yes, it's done at last), playing a bit of Xenosaga (Jr.! YAY!), and watching the second episode of Wonderfalls. It's not great, really, but it is good enough that I don't mind devoting an hour of my precious Friday night to it. Yet, I think I want to watch episode 2 of Utena before bed. So good night.

Why do I always type "tought" when I mean "taught"? Gah!

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