Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Doesn't seem like I can do anything right today.

Today's Bridge: I came down pretty hard on Paul because it seemed like most of the things that went wrong were things he could have done differently, but I had a few options too. The big killer was Ken's 3NT, though... Paul led to his king of clubs when we had three diamond tricks between us, enough to set the contract. After that, and my failure to double a contract that was off three (we were bidding up to 5D, and we would have made 6 thanks to freaky distribution, but they'd make their 5H with a different distribution), I was doing some crazy stuff in an effort to catch up. It didn't work.

Today's Work: I sort of snapped at someone who didn't really deserve it, but really, when five people ask me the same question and I've already told them all I'm preparing an answer, what's with "Well, I found this information that you didn't say would answer the question, and it didn't answer the question. I'm shocked and appalled that the answer I wasn't given isn't what I wanted"? After dealing with that mess, I fixed a few things, some of which weren't even my problems to fix necessarily. Still have a lot to do in several respects, but the system now prevents the operator from using a device that he's not supposed to use. Yes, that's a big deal. The problem was that the Internet connection all but died, which is why there's no news post... I could barely get the Lynx-friendly version of LJ, and Google was completely inaccessible. It could be worse, though... Curt says that in his area, the computers just plain locked everybody out. Hooray for having no control at all over computers.

Today's Gaming: A pathetic session of golf and some Two Thrones... I made some progress, but chose the wrong fork and went through an area full of health upgrade-level traps, only to discover that it was the true path and I'd missed the upgrade. Not only that, but I missed an earlier one. I've got a save file I could technically use to go back and check... but ew. I think I'd have to do that horse part and the boss fight over. EW! Maybe some Folklore.

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