Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Another week over at last

Today's Bridge: I missed Bridge. I especially missed playing against teams like Kelly and Ken, who kept bidding just one trick more than they could take. I bid myself up into a 4H contract that was a close shave, but since Steve and I had four-four in both hearts and diamonds, I figured it would probably work out. I probably got lucky anyway, though.

Today's Work: Pretty much just trying to fix the part that one of my coworkers decided to put into the build at the last minute, even though I wasn't even done writing my part yet, let alone testing it as thoroughly as it really needs to be tested before submitting it as a final version. Here we were, looking pretty good in integration, and suddenly, we're going to be finalizing something completely new! We can't even test all of it yet because we don't have all of the necessary functions implemented... but the parts we had, I tested and fixed where possible/necessary.

Today's Gaming: May give it a miss tonight, although I really want to try out Destroy All Humans soon. I just really want to watch more Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge... a.k.a. The Wallflower. It's brilliant! I didn't realize how much I'd forgotten of the early manga - it's changed so much over fourteen volumes that when I saw the first episode last night, I thought the director was taking it in a very different direction, but when I reread the first chapter, it was exactly the same story, except that the anime version had more explosions. I figure that after a few episodes of this, I may actually be able to tell the boys apart in the manga, and Sunako's voice is as perfect as it is just plain wrong. I never pictured her having a voice even remotely normal, but there it is. Nabeshin's visual effects style really works for the series.

Dr. House won again on Jeopardy, this time by three dollars... one more than last night, if I remember correctly. And the show that followed it, Amnesia, was pretty interesting. Neat concept for a game show, sort of similar to Don't Forget Your Toothbrush, but with only one contestant per show and less destruction of personal property. I'd bomb completely, though. I don't remember a thing about my life.

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