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As good as it's going to get

Today's Bridge: We managed to scrape two tables together... but Ken always ends up getting paired with an occasional player like Bruce or Raymond. He's been using the tutorials and even trying to make an accurate bidding flowchart (the response to the one-level suit opener is hard to look at without getting vertigo), and I think it would be good practice for him to partner with someone who really knows the bidding conventions. Meanwhile, I partnered with CP against Bruce and Steve, and there was one auction that really stood out. CP had opened 1D, and Steve overcalled 2C, so I considered my S x-x-x-x H J-x-x D Q-J-10-8-7 C x just barely good enough to respond 2D. CP jumped to 3NT, Steve bid 4C, and I passed, having said my piece. CP went up to 4D, and Steve went to 5C. I really didn't think I could bid 5D, even counting my distribution, and CP left it with a double, off two. He said that we make 6D if we bid it. After a few sets, the opponents finished a game, but we ended with a 3NT that made an overtrick, largely thanks to Bruce showing a low heart when Steve led through my A-9.

Today's Work: Lab testing before tomorrow's integration test begins. We fixed a few old PCRs that I've really wanted to see the end of and got the new hand controller working, so we're only lacking one major bit of communication before our display is pretty much done. The internals of the server side, however, are far from finished. Well, here's hoping things go smoothly tomorrow. I won't have Bridge the rest of the week, so there'd better not be any major stress.

Today's Gaming: I think I have my elevators working about as well as they ever will. The major problem remaining is that the character doesn't fall very smoothly while being pushed horizontally by the moving elevator, and I think I know why, but I'm not sure I want to make the change. It's a risk of breaking what already works pretty well, and it makes sense in a manner of speaking that the character's sliding down the side of the elevator. I just think it would be nice if that didn't happen, for a few reasons, not least of which is the interaction with the ground. And I haven't even tried elevators that move diagonally yet. But that took me pretty much all day, so no console gaming once again. I miss it here and there. Had a good discussion about Dark Cloud today, though. That's always nice. Reminds me of how much I enjoy the early part of the game. Shame that pretty much everything after the second area sucks... the third area's okay, I guess (except the boss... DIE DIE DIE and don't bring to mind Bloody Freaking Mary from Terranigma), and after that, suckage on all fronts. Even the coolness that is Osmond doesn't really save the later part of the game. I think the fighting needed to be a bit more interesting, and the thirst system was pointless and annoying. Combine the characters and town-building from the first half of Dark Cloud with the fighting interface and weapon-building of Dark Cloud 2, fix the monster transforms and ridepod if you must include them, put a decent storyline on it, and you've got yourself a winning game! And no, I'm not going to make that. I had enough trouble with elevators, and the next step is blocks that can be pushed. It will be painful.

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