Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

What a week!

Today's Bridge: It was all us, despite my attempt to sabotage our side. We started with the opponents in a horrible contract... I believe Dan passed, I opened a weak 2, Paul and Mike passed, and Dan bid two of my four-card off suit. They ended up in 3NT rapidly, which Mike doubled, and Dan went to 4D, which Mike doubled again. Paul had almost no diamonds, and they were off four. After that, we set them one trick in three contracts where the trump splits were horrible, meaning that I couldn't double them (one of which was only because they were in 6C and I had five of them to the jack, good for the guaranteed jack and a guaranteed ruff. They make 7NT without trying if they bid it) and finally had hands worth bidding... mine was S A-2 H A-K-x-x D K-x-x C A-K-Q-x, which is a solid 23 points and a 2NT opener. Mike responded 3H, which means no points at all, but a six-card heart suit and distribution that makes the heart contract a better bet than notrump. However, I didn't want to believe him, so I went into Blackwood, and when he denied the missing ace, I closed at 6H. He only had two diamonds and one club, so when Dan led a spade, he took the ace, pulled trump (missing the Q-J-10, but they split), tossed his diamonds on my clubs, conceded a spade, and made the slam. My proper bid was 4H, as it makes 5 guaranteed - a diamond lead gives them two diamond tricks if Paul has the ace, which he did.

Today's Work: More implementation and a nice long talk with Mike about my training, the project, management, and all of my various concerns. I'm sure we've covered a lot of that ground before, and I had a hard time sharing his optimism about certain things when I really should have, but I came out of it feeling better about things.

I didn't get in any gaming today other than the usual golf... I chatted with a few people and spent lots of time trying to figure out how to implement an elevator properly. I'm almost there, but when the elevator changes direction, the character is a step behind. That's visually annoying for horizontal elevators, since the character slides when it changes direction, but it's fatal for vertical elevators, because they throw the character off at the top. I can calculate where the character should be moving to, but no matter when I change its coordinates, it still can't keep up. There's something about the order of events that's screwing with my calculations, and I need to figure it out. I'll get it in the end.

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