Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

When something pisses you off THIS MUCH, there's not a lot you can do about it.

Today's Bridge: We scrounged enough for two tables when Ken joined us, and he was one of my opponents. It was Paul and me against him and Kelly, so I rather expected our side to do very well. Indeed we did, wrapping up the first rubber with a 4D that made 6 and was just as good for 6C - if not better. Then Kelly bid herself into 4H and kindly gave Ken a demonstration of what happens when you fail to pull trump - she had very nice long diamonds on the board, but the only entries were the two black aces, and she burned those quickly. She kept trying to get to the board by ruffing clubs, but after a while, the opponents run out of those too, and when you only have two little trump on the board, you're just setting up the opponents' trump. Ken got to play a 4H hand, but I think his side may have been underpowered for it, and he was facing a bad trump split with the board's best feature five spades to the A-Q, and my king was on top of that. Off four... I'm sure it didn't need to be quite that bad, though.

Today's Work: I got through the documentation and made something that should be the closest point of approach algorithms we need, although I'm not really sure how to test them. At least they're SOMETHING.

Today's Gaming: Failing to upload my game (the virus scan bot seems to be ignoring it), I decided to check out Wii Shop and then play some more Brawl. I beat some levels in adventure mode and the rest of the events I've unlocked so far - I may have to beat them again in a harder difficulty to unlock more.

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