Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Argh. That about sums it up. Long day, no trip to Terre Haute (I'll probably just put it off until next weekend. That's the last weekend before the trip, and more manga will be out by then.), and Toonstruck's second CD is having problems. So I played way too much Alone in the Dark 2 instead... and a bit of Xenosaga. I actually get to fight now... and choose party members... and build up points and skills and stuff. It's almost as if this was an RPG or something.... Also, my Anime Nation order came today, as scheduled, leaving only Tenshi ni Narumon 2 to await shipping. I discovered why it was so hard to find the Utena first season box... there is no such thing. What I got was just a bundle of the two DVDs. Seems kind of silly to have a box just for two DVDs anyway... although Risky Safety is only three, and that has a limited edition box. No hurry to get yours, though... mine's only 957 out of 2500. The Mr. Bean animated series boxed set I've got is only two DVDs, but there you go. And Junk Force will make my reading list eventually... I need to read some Cyborg 009 first, and I put the newest Tokyo Mew Mew in the queue after that. I always keep two books handy just in case I finish one. Also got my food shopping out of the way today, just in case Terre Haute was in the works for tomorrow, but since I doubt it would be, I'll probably just watch a movie, get my hair cut, and enjoy a day to myself again. I expect that will mean watching Chobits 7 so I can tell Mom about it... for some reason, she wants my opinion even though she just bought it herself. I can't understand her sometimes. Besides, I have a feeling it would help to watch the entire series again and pause after every eight episodes to see the bonus episodes in context. No way I'd have time for that in one day. But the end of the Wedding Peach opening theme, with that beautiful piano solo, is worth listening to again and again. Reminds me a little of battle music from some game... trying to remember which one. I believe it's FF8, during scenes such as the escape from that invincible robot at the beginning of the game. That fast piano beat. The WP opening is slower than that but just as moving. And I only remember all of that just now, even though it's way past bedtime for me. Maybe I ought to deprive myself of sleep purposefully and spend the day tired, since I have so little to do. Maybe then I can sleep normally tomorrow night... bah, who am I kidding?

Oh, and I saw the "ten fictional characters I'd have sex with" thing and am completely uninterested, as you hopefully would suspect by now. There are actually a few entries in that list, but they're contingent upon meeting, finding a meaningful connection, and deciding to get married. I doubt all of those things would happen, especially since most of the women I read about are fixated on men in their own stories (not to mention the obvious age gap, which I actually ignored when making up the list). I also came up with a brilliant idea for a spamfic today, so hopefully I'll remember it when the time comes.

Better write it down, actually... I trust my memory about as far as I can throw it.

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