Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

It's time for everybody's favorite game show!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen! It's time to play "Who's Got My Sense of Humor?" the show where all you have to do is recognize a joke when we tell you it's a joke AND explain why it's supposed to be funny. Here's our super bonus question: Someone says to you, "No one knows what those plastic things on the ends of shoelaces are." You, being knowledgeable of the word by dint of its obscurity, wittily respond with the following joke: "Aglets. Ha ha, now you're no one!" The joke can be expressed via the following syllogism:

1) No one knows what those things are called.
2) The person who said this now knows that they are called "aglets".
3) Therefore, the person who said the line must be no one, because no one knows what those things are called.

Get it? Now, for the immediate victory... is it a joke, or not? Play at home! Send your responses to our answer board below and see if you have a sense of humor! Let's find out how our contestant fared... she says it's "a threat"! Oh, no... that's the wrong answer! I'm sorry... we'll have to send you home empty-handed. But feel free to try again! Our lines are always open, and operators are standing by. Tune in next time, when we confront our contestant with a joke about teeth, which literally bites her on the ass. Will she recognize it?

Today's Bridge: Nobody on defense could figure out what suit was trump in any of the hands. Fortunately, my slip didn't lead to me leading trump, like almost everyone else did.

Today's Work: I think the watchdog works as well as it ever will, so I'm going to finalize it and move on. Next up will probably be implementing some actual uses for it.

Today's Rant: There's one thing that's really annoyed me pretty much every time I've had to take my shirt off, generally for showering. There's always one tiny cluster of hairs, maybe two poking out of the same spot, that are way too long, right up near the shoulder where there's no hair at all. Heck, I didn't even think there were follicles up there! But these aren't just any arm hairs... these are the Godzillas of arm hairs, an inch long if they're a millimeter. They also used to be discolored... like I had a blond inside me trying to squeeze out through a shoulder pore. So I cut them off with tiny scissors. Can't even find the stumps... they're blond. But there's ANOTHER long set of hairs up there now, a bit over from the old spot, dark this time and lying flat as if trying to avoid notice. But I'm pretty sure I've cut hairs from there more than once... are they the same hairs growing back each time, or brand new ones? When will they return? Will I recognize them when they do? I'm keeping my eye on my shoulder from now on.

In other news, I've finally moved on from Warrior Within to The Two Thrones, and the opening story makes sense now that I"ve seen both endings of the previous game. I'm going to have to get used to the new mechanics and strategies, and there are many. It seems like, in the first game, you were more or less required to fight all of the enemies, and in the second, the fights were optional but generally as easy to complete as they were to avoid. In the third game, the emphasis seems to be on sneaking past enemies or killing them with stealth... actual fighting is pretty much the last resort, and a rare thing if you intend to survive to the next save point. Sometimes, the enemies don't turn away so I can sneak up on them, so some of the stealth portions do me no good. I find something that looks like a secret, but it's just a way to sneak up on the enemy I just killed. Bleah. It's still fun, though, and one of the bright spots in a day where I did lots of stuff I enjoy, and most of it was crap. The absurd reaction to the above joke was just one thing among many.

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