Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A whole weekend, and this is all the news we get? Must be leap weekend

Man asks his friend to shoot him so he can take a day off work. He must really hate his job. Also, I have a feeling they're going to watch him closely for signs of drug use, since he wanted to skip his drug test so badly. Meanwhile, my advice to anyone shooting a friend in the shoulder at their own request is to aim about half a foot high and inside. Please.

People trample each other over $29 in prizes. Not sure I'd bother, either... it just SOUNDS dangerous.

We've seen robbers leave identifying papers, bank statements (often with their holdup notes written on the back), entire wallets at the scene of the crime... this one left his W-2. Not only is he a robber, but they'll probably have him for tax delinquency in April.

New Jersey junior high school students staged a prank where they all paid for their lunches in pennies and got detentions for it, although those penalties were later revoked except by parental request. Was it worth it? Some pranks are funny and only mildly impractical. This one just seems stupid. Maybe that's only in retrospect.

Man on his way to anger management class beats up people at the bus stop. I bet they order him to take anger management classes. It's probably not his fault... he got stuck in Jack Nicholson's class.

Armed robber uses a cologne bottle painted to look like a gun. It worked until it broke open and gave the guy a nice, distinctive stench for the cops to trace. The funny part is that he had a concealed knife, but the cologne bottle makes a better weapon, even without the paint. "Nobody try anything funny or I'll OPEN this!"

A suspected Mafia member has to wait three weeks after his indictment before being arrested. To the credit of police, they don't seem to be holding him responsible for their laziness.

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