Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

All-day meetings... ur doing it wrong. But there's no right way.

At least we were all complimented by the management and program office people who were there on our progress, and the likelihood that we will, in fact, make our final deadline. It could be worse... it could be entirely false optimism, rather than mostly. It's possible that we'll make it... but it'll mean sleepless nights, I'm sure.

I managed to beat the final boss for the normal ending of Warrior Within, finally, so I went ahead and looked up the three life upgrades I still hadn't found. I had searched one of those areas, but the action required wasn't entirely intuitive. I also can't return to one of those spots, so I'm starting over again, now that I know I can find them all. I'll get the good ending yet, and then I'll finally feel ready to tackle the third game.

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