Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

We may have made our deadline.

Today's Bridge: Paul wasn't sure what it meant when I bid 3S over his 3H opener. He asked Steve, who said passing was probably a bad idea. Paul passed anyway. The correct answer is DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PASS THIS BID! We ended up off two in 3S when we could make 4H without even trying, which is the contract I wanted, but I had to see if there might be a slam try. With his seven hearts opposite my A-K, we might be in excellent distributional shape if he can cover my weaknesses with short suits. But we set a few of their contracts and made a game for ourselves too.

Today's Work: We got the stuff we needed working to work, but we only got the new stuff that the contractor put together late on Friday, and didn't get copies we could access until today. I made some changes that SHOULD make our program work properly with theirs, but I had no time to test them, so the program might utterly crash tomorrow instead of working correctly. I sure hope not. We worked hard to make this delivery and I want it working too.

Today's Gaming: One area of Blue Dragon, with lots of enemies with high defense and plenty of HP, and since all of my characters have new classes unlocked, I've demoted most of them - Jiro and Kluke, for example, are both using their new classes, so they started at rank 1 with base stats and have been working up from there, and I'm building up Maro's White Magic, so his attacks are all but useless anyway. However, Kluke kicks all kinds of ass no matter how weak her stats are, so that's okay. I also finally read the description of Extracta carefully... it doesn't absorb HP, but MP! I may not bother building up his Sword Mastery now that he has that at his disposal. I can absorb around 250 MP for the cost of 20 MP... but Absorb MP would still be really helpful for those times when a boss has defenses against Extracta. And if I make Jiro a Sword Master with all magic skills, Magic Essence, Absorb MP and HP, Charged Attack, and lots of MP, that should pretty much take care of all my magic needs. An accessory that prevents Silence would be ideal, if such a thing exists. Meanwhile, he's got the lowest Magic Defense, and I don't really have a good way to increase it short of sacrificing Regenerate MP for Magic Fence... which I could certainly do, as long as Extracta remains as powerful as it is now. I'll just have to make sure to keep an eye on his MP if they're not automatically regenerating... his spells are as much of a showstopper as Kluke's attack, which can now damage a large group of enemies at once, for Monk-style damage, and she's got the agility of an Assassin, giving her the first move much more often than not. Combine that with Absorb HP, and she recovers half her health in a single attack - the damage magnet is shaping up nicely. It'll be ages before she learns Total Guard, but Guard will be plenty until then. Not like the enemies attack anyone else if she's the only one in front.

The snow and ice have been more annoying than troublesome the past few days, because Indiana went with the typical Indiana approach to winter. With each report of an impending storm, we went all-out on the defense, spending our disaster money in preparation for a storm that never came. Now that the weather's finally gone bad and there's slippery frozen water everywhere, we're out of money, so we just let it sit and don't bother to clean it up. And the rest of the week is supposed to be more of the same... I'm pretty sure I've been hearing rain all evening. Looks like another ice shell on the car tomorrow, and I don't have my gloves anymore. I believe the ones I found in the area where mine fell out of my pocket are someone else's... they're thinner than mine, not as faded, and padded differently, plus they have really ratty Velcro. I'm pretty sure someone spotted mine, liked them, and left me theirs neatly strung over the railing. How considerate. You know what would be more considerate? Returning my damn gloves. I'll gladly trade if I can find whoever stole them.

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