Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

We have video games! But no bananas.

I gave Blue Dragon another go - a nice, long session during which I finished exploring a village and made my way through a combat area punctuated by another village. Along the way, both Jiro and Shu learned the Skill+3 ability, but I've decided to leave Shu as a Generalist for now. Now that Kluke is a Monk again and doing a decent amount of damage, I've equipped her to maximize her Attack. I should probably have Jiro spend a bit more time as a Monk, at least until he gets the Charged Attack ability, but I'm going to keep rotating him between the different Magic jobs so that he can always cast every spell the party knows, as best I can, and he'll learn Support Magic when he finally reaches level 30. (I might make that a priority for the fifth member, once she joins the party, just so I have access to those spells. No telling when they could be useful, if I have them to cast.) Marumaro is still a Sword Master, and will probably keep that job until he learns the upper-level abilities. I like having him use the occasional Heal spell or Sword Magic, but he really needs some MP absorption to make it sustainable.

I also got back to Guitar Hero 3. I don't suspect it's due to a lack of practice, but I had a really hard time with the latest batch of songs. I only failed Knights of Cydonia once, which told me where to use Star Power to survive. After that first evil part, the rest wasn't too bad. I even beat the final boss in one try, although I owe that to the obvious strategy and being just good enough to survive. I think I'm going to take my own probably misguided advice and go through Normal difficulty again with three fingers, which should help me master changing frets the Hard mode style without the added difficulty of Hard mode speed. I'll also need to continue my progress in the earlier games, taking a bit more time to get used to fast combinations. I'd like to do more than barely pass these songs with three stars, or the occasional four stars which I don't feel like I deserve.

Then there was Terminator, and the first thing that could really be considered a violation of the canon from the movies. Still, I watched it tonight as it aired instead of waiting for the recording. It probably helped that today was Washington's Birthday (also an observance of the birthdays of the other presidents, including Lincoln, by executive order of Nixon, if I remember correctly), so instead of having to work, I got the whole day to do things I wanted to do, like watch Balls of Fury. What really brought the whole movie together for me was the Making of documentary... if you've seen the movie and haven't seen that, I recommend it. It hardly even mentions the special effects, but delves into the motivations behind the story and gave me, at least, a new way of thinking about it. Granted, I'm probably the only person in all of history that DIDN'T see it that way, including all those who haven't even heard of the movie (I can picture a Bushman going "Balls of Fury? What's that? It sounds like a serious martial arts movie where they replaced 'martial arts' with 'Ping Pong', but I don't know what martial arts or Ping Pong are... or what a movie is."), but I've admitted my inability to grasp anything having to do with serious culture. So what's YOUR excuse? I didn't think so.

We had one of those weird snow flurries today where the snow sort of disappeared right away. I looked down from my window and didn't see any snow anywhere, except on the grass. It turns out that some DID stick to the very front of my car, and just above each windshield wiper, and I got some tiny icicles around the door handles, but it's a good day when I don't have to pull out the brush mere hours after snowfall.

And finally, I've decided that I can't go on using this Kero icon to describe my Game Maker experience if I'm going to use it to celebrate breaking away from Game Maker to go back to what passes for normal in my utterly screwed-up life.

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