Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Checked out a lot of new stuff today. First, I finally decided to try out Xenosaga. Quite a different experience in RPGs. Granted, there's not a great deal of gameplay per unit time, but what's there is interesting, lacks the ability to skip dialogue, and has annoying sequences where you HAVE to avoid the enemies. As in, get into a battle and you die. And you have to start at the last save point you passed. Granted, I died plenty of times trying to get secrets that, as it turns out, I could probably have waited to get. But I don't know whether I can return to this area after I leave, and there's still one more secret to find. I plan to search thoroughly, even if it means getting into lots of tough battles and spending most of my money on healing items. (I also haven't been paying attention to see whether these battles are giving me money. I can only hope so.) Once I beef up one or another of KOS-MOS's attacks, they shouldn't be a problem anymore. And in a pinch, I have Shion's Escape magic... and about a dozen Escape Packs, which seem to be about all the enemies are dropping.

Having gotten through about an hour of gameplay and four of cutscenes, I went to see Against the Ropes. Pretty good movie. Go see it for Tony Shalhoub if nothing else. Yes, Tony Shalhoub is in it, playing a character who seems to be the antithesis of Monk. That was a surprise. Also, it made me realize something... there's something I love yet hate about seeing a character go against their good nature due to greed (usually) or other factors. It reminds me of the one time I did that, which is why I swore off love forever.I don't want to become a Jackie Kallen, although it wasn't love for her. It was greed. I suppose I have a little of that too, at least in the form of selfishness, but I have to work to display it, not to overcome it.

I also bought the first manga of Galaxy Angel today... hope it's interesting enough. The character profiles in the insert in one of the Tsukikage Ran DVDs grabbed my attention, and I only now see that it's a space battle mecha series. Oh well. Some of those are pretty good. Just like historical fiction/reality-based movies, I don't find the IDEA interesting, but any given example of the genre that I'm convinced to take in can be interesting on its own merits. I'm weird like that. I also transferred my special order for the Utena box to Azumanga Daioh, and ordered Utena, the rest of Risky Safety, and the first manga of Junk Force from Anime Nation. Yes, I know I could get Junk Force from Suncoast, and probably Walden by now, but this price is as good as either of those and brings my total order to just over $100 so I don't have to pay shipping. And this time, I used the free shipping code. There were other manga I could have bought, but most of them either I had or they were pre-orders that I don't feel like waiting for, given that they'll most likely show up the week I'm out of town. Finally, before the new episode of Teen Titans started, I watched the first episode of Sailor Moon R. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but it'll be interesting to see the entire season and see what might need to change in GTP if I convert it to the original anime. I should probably do something about the girls all being in Miss Haruna's class when they're clearly not...

And the revision that I thought would take all weekend actually only took the rest of today. I set my plan and got it all done. I think the story feels a lot better now, even for just three changes.

We now return you to what passes for your regularly scheduled life, already in progress.

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