Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

General Stonewall Jackson's first name was obviously Thomas. I once named a fictional cat after him.

Today's Bridge: Paul and I challenged Bruce and Raymond... it's just how the cards fell. We took an early lead, so I don't think the results of the last hand mattered, but that was when Raymond opened a strong 2C, and Bruce passed. He made the contract, despite not having very many clubs to his name.

Today's Work: I think I've got the program working about as well as I can without a good simulator. Unfortunately, we haven't got the simulator working yet. It's throwing errors I've never seen before and can't explain. I have a few ideas I want to try tomorrow, and that should get things working.

A fire truck drove down my street today, sounding its siren just long enough to alert everyone to its presence, then doubled back and went to the next block. I have no idea why it went around that way, unless it needed to be facing north when it got to its destination. Curt and I went out to look (we could see the truck from our parking lot), but didn't see any flames or hoses. My guess is that it was a heart attack... but I have no idea why they looped around the block, unless they just missed the turn. Or maybe it was a cat stuck in a tree. "FIRE!" "Huh?" "Um... CAT!"

Cromartie High School still cracks me up. Every chapter is hilarious. Why don't they sell it here anymore?

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