Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Happy New Year, if you celebrate that particular religious holiday.

Today's Manga: Black Cat 12, Cherry Juice 2, Chibi Vampire novel 4, Dr. Slump 14, Elemental Gelade 6, Fall in Love Like a Comic 2, Gakuen Alice 1, Gin Tama 4, Gothic Sports 3, High School Debut 1, Hunter x Hunter 18, La Corda D'Oro 6, Lagoon Engine 4 (wasn't this series over at 3? Probably exactly as over as Tactics was at 2), Love * Com 4, Love Master A 1 (buy 4, get 1 free at Borders, and it sounds a bit like the reverse of High School Debut), Mysteries and Secrets Revealed: Death Note Fatally Fun Facts, Pearl Pink 4, Prince of Tennis 23, Reborn 6, Rozen Maiden 7, Sgt. Frog 14, Skip Beat 10, Slayers novels 7 and 8, S.A. 2, and Ultra Cute 9. I also turned in the Galaxy Angel AA DVD... as I suspected, it was loose in the case and badly scratched. The downside is that Best Buy sucks balls. They didn't have another copy (obviously, or I would have bought it there instead of New Jersey), and they couldn't get one to the store for an even exchange. They offered me a "choice" between spending an extra two bucks and change, on top of the NON-discounted price, to have it shipped to my house, or spending more than that in gas to drive to Greenwood and back for an otherwise even exchange. So they sell me defective goods and I have to pay the price for it. Great customer service policy there, Worst Buy. I was going to look into getting a coaxial audio splitter solution while I was there (Curt was surprised to learn that the DVD player he gave me doesn't have optical audio, which is easy to find cheap splitters for, but there you go), but I didn't want to wait around for service from a company where service is obviously not a priority. If there were any other place in the city or its environs to get anime, I'd go there instead. I think Anime Castle and/or Anime Nation will be getting a lot more of my business from now on. I may just make a habit of ordering from them once a month instead of waiting to see what shows up locally.

Never made it to the clinic, but that's really just putting a dent in my tissue supplies. I may have to take a warm shower or just boil some water before bed to clear my nose so I can sleep, but if I don't get much sleep, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. One more day off, then a three-day week to help me adjust to the rigors of a normal schedule.

I did, however, watch Reno 911 the movie while sorting my receipts and putting my new possessions away. Pretty funny stuff, although I was never a huge fan of the show. It was a decent show, but I didn't go out of my way to watch it, like most shows.

Also, it's pretty cool that Taco Bell is featuring the Cheesy Gordita Crunch again. Not that I've been to one and not had a CGC in years, but now there's a meal featuring two of them plus a drink. How could I pass that up? Oh, right... the Chipotle Grilled Stuft Burrito and the Cheesy Beefy Nachos Bell Grande, two other menu items that have really grown on me lately. I was hoping the taco sauce would clear my nasal passages, like wasabi, but I guess I should be getting some sushi for breathing purposes. Or some medicine, like an antihistamine nasal spray. Also, a list of donors in the event I need a blood transfusion. I know it IS possible to die of excessive nose bleeding, and while I'm not nearly that bad yet, the precautions can't hurt.

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