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Well, Risky Safety was pretty much nothing like what I expected. For one thing, the episodes are ten minutes long, if that. I think that may even be shorter than Adventures of the Mini-Goddess. The humor is also very subdued and a little on the dark side, since the main character is depressed bordering on suicidal. It's not particularly cute, despite the diminutive size of Risky/Safety. The characters are cute in image, and somewhat ditzy, but there's an underlying seriousness that sets the series apart from, say, the cute side of CLAMP's work. I can't really say much more until I see more of the series, but it's certainly original and different.

No Bridge today, because we couldn't find four people to play... I could have hunted down Anita for Spades, but I wasn't really interested in Spades. I did teach Kelly to play The Fool, though, although she couldn't quite grasp the difference between the attacker and the defender. The attacker can play any card first, but subsequent cards have to match an exposed card in rank. The defender must cover each of the attacker's cards with either a higher card of the same suit or a trump. If the defender can't cover an attack card, they must pick up ALL of the exposed cards. If the attacker can't play an attack card (usually because they don't have a card matching one of the exposed cards), then all of the exposed cards are discarded and the roles change. She kept trying to cover my defense cards when she was attacking, or pick up the exposed cards when she was attacking... but I have much patience when it comes to teaching games, and I even explained the strategies like attacking with cards that you have more than one of, and using the early part of the game to build up a hand of high cards and trump.

I had a nice voice chat with Paul's daughter this evening. I thought my microphone was a piece of junk, but it seems to work well enough on the desktop. Maybe my laptop's microphone jack is just bad. I don't remember whether I tried it on the old computer or not... I might have to.

Should be a quiet day tomorrow, even if I decide to go see Master and Commander and stop at Sam Goody. I plan to play something interesting, like Kingdom Hearts or maybe finally Xenosaga, watch my cartoons, and maybe most of the rest of the Risky Safety DVD. And start preparing for the Hour Challenge on Sunday. I kind of wanted to start the first chapter of A Blessing and a Curse, but if I'm waiting on prereaders for the prologue, I might as well put that off and work on the GTP sidestory instead.

Yuugi Mutou tries his hand at Bridge: "I play the Ace of Clubs, in Attack Mode!"

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