Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

In Soviet Gameboy, Pokémon catches you!

Today's Bridge: We only had time for three hands, after the first one was a throw-in. Steve made a 3NT, then missed one, and I made one with three overtricks to end the rubber. It was an interesting hand, although a bit less so because we weren't in game. I had S A-Q-J H K-J-9-x-x D Q-x C A-K-Q. About 22 HCP, give or take, so I opened 2C. Steve thought long and hard (this is why we only played three hands) and bid 3D. The rest of the auction was textbook. 3H, 3S, 3NT. Keith led a low club, and Steve showed me why he didn't like no trump: S 10-9-x-x H A-10 D J-10-8-x-x-x C J. 3NT was pretty simple, but the question was how I'd do in 6NT. I'm missing the top two diamonds, but Keith has the queen of hearts to my left and Paul has the king of spades to my right as well as the singleton king of diamonds. That's exactly where I need everything to be. I presume that Keith doesn't lead a diamond, but if he leads the ace, I'm in the clear to run the diamonds, and if he underleads it, Paul gets the lead but has no way back to Keith's hand. Let's say he leads as he did in the real hand, a club. I'm in my hand, and to avoid diamonds, I need to take two spade finesses. So I do what I did in the hand when the diamonds failed to split: lead a low heart to the ten as a finesse/board entry, then run the spade finesse. When they both work, I run back to the ace of hearts, take the second finesse, then cash the tricks in my hand and hope that when I have to play the diamonds, someone screws up. At least I'm probably only off one. If I had a third board entry, I could cash the last spade, but I don't.

Today's Work: More reading up on documentation formatting. I have some things to discuss with the people involved before I get too far into actually making the documents or the code. We have design decisions to make.

I finally made that enchilada filling, only to remember that I don't have my usual Doritos. Oh well. It tastes good straight, too.

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