Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Happy birthdays to lady_agrias, mrbubba, and gypsyjr... three on one day? And I'm pretty sure those are three different people, too! Not the usual "real person and same person's second journal" or something like that.

So I've finally managed to get away from trying to create a document and look at HOW the document is supposed to be made. I think one of the many "ur doin it wrong" macros would apply here. Almost none of what went into those documents was right. Heck, we weren't even making the right documents to begin with! As I suspected, we're supposed to make one per message, not one per process. It'll save us a lot of copying if we can get it right. But at least now I understand how a "topic" relates to a "message". That'll come in very handy.

I went for some old school Squenix games this evening, since most of the people I talk to or play golf with had better things to do. I finally got to the boss in the mines in Samurai Legend Musashi, beat it (although I had to eat my onigiri, since I lost a lot of HP while working out its pattern), and made some progress in the volcano. I can even counterattack now, although if enemies are using their trademark moves on me, I've probably failed defensively anyway. At least I found a better accessory than the Hard Hat. Then I played a bit more Threads of Fate, which I started over some time ago. I'm playing as Mint first this time, and I managed to beat Starlight Duke on my first try. I don't think I managed to beat him until the second time through previously. The trick was to use fire magic. Flare really did a lot of damage... much better than 1 HP per hit, and only one hit possible per attack pattern.

When Burger King claims that they have more chicken in their snack wraps than McDonald's... THEY LIE. I can't believe I'm saying this, since I mostly utterly hate McDonald's on general principle, but if the BK snack wrap I got tonight was typical, there's LESS meat in it than the McD's variety. Maybe they just skimped on mine. Either way... not cool, BK Broiler. When half of the wrap has no chicken at all, that belies your commercials.

Given that this morning was a colonic experience at best, and I barely made it to work before 9, maybe thawing chicken wasn't the best option. But it's still in the fridge, and I'll just have to find a way to get to work earlier tomorrow. I think turning in early with an episode of Evangelion should help, so I'll do that.

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