Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

One of those late Saturdays, but it worked out

Today's Manga: B&N only had Grenadier 5, but Borders had plenty. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 9, Law of Ueki 9, Puri Puri 3 (I special ordered 2 while I was there), Hana Yori Dango 27, Fairies' Landing 18, Bizenghast 4, Dramacon 3, Gunslinger Girl 6, Eyeshield 21 17, O-Parts Hunter 7, Zatch Bell 16, and Rose Hip Zero 4.

Today's Anime: Because I was buying a Christmas present at Best Buy, and I had one of those coupons worth more if I spent more, I bought the complete sets of Ninja Nonsense (Ninin ga Shinobuden) and Diamond Daydreams, as well as Ah My Goddess Flights of Fancy DVD 4.

The car service took about two hours, but that gave me time to catch up on some old games. I FINALLY made it to the old guy's house in Contact and made some progress in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, just so I wouldn't be playing more of Phantom Hourglass just yet. I also got all the Christmas presents, and Brian's birthday present, wrapped up and labeled. And with two and a half weeks to spare. Okay, maybe I cut it a little close this year. But I do that every year, and it hasn't been a problem yet. Still need to get cards, but there should be plenty of those available. Who's going to buy Christmas cards in mid-December?

I'm so happy I finally got to read the Anubis storyline from Jojo in its original format. For such a strong Stand, it was almost pathetic. Three fights within six chapters? Puh-lease. And "I already touched one, Mr. Joestar!" makes a lot more sense when Avdol explains WHY he touched a plug socket. Not quite as random as the game made it out to be.

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