Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Seems like my whole life is a meeting anymore

We basically had a meeting to say how much of a waste of time most of the meeting was. I'm pretty sure we got some stuff accomplished, but mostly, we wanted to talk about a document that's going to be heavily rewritten anyway. The good news is that most of my concerns are being addressed in the rewrite.

Today's Bridge: Steve, my left-hand opponent, declared every hand, and all but the last were diamonds. 3D, off one; 3D, made exactly; 4D Dbl, off four; 3D, made exactly (though I may have made the play that gave it to him, leading to the ace of hearts which was his only board entry); 3NT Rdbl, off five. The last one was because Keith entered the bidding late, leaving Steve nothing to do but bid notrump. But it was the 4D that was most interesting... Steve opened 2D, Dan overcalled 3C, Keith passed, and I had the rather dubious S Q?-x-x H Q-J-x D A-7-6-4-3-2 C 6. I bid 3D, naturally, Steve doubled (also naturally), Dan bid 3NT, and Steve chose to bid 4D over that, definitely not a wise play. That's a raise of his own pre-empt. But we think Dan could have made 3NT, simply by taking my ace on the expected diamond lead. Steve had no entries to his hand (Dan had the ace of spades over his king), and Keith was out of diamonds. Dan also had A-K-x-x or so of hearts, so he had two entries to the board to run finesses that Keith's fine to win, because he can't get to Steve's winning diamonds.

Today's Golf: Another not-so-great roud at Ice Cannon. I lost it a bit, but I kept myself mostly in check and kept playing. I ended up winning, but that was a coincidence.

One of these days, I'm going to have to start watching anime again. Not watching anime is probably one of the big things that's throwing off my routine. At least my manga reading continues apace. I finished the first book of Princess Resurrection, which is intriguing, and now I'm starting Chrono Crusade over again, with the intention of reading straight through it this time.

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