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News à la mode

Danish couple have sex in train station waiting room. Some people will just do that sort of thing anywhere.

Man gets $2 million check from Utah and returns it. They say they entered the receipt number instead of the payment amount. Oops.

Salem residents find a lost ring and don't try to return it. Usually, the story goes that the ring is returned after thirty years or so, but this time, they were arrested about a week later.

Naked guy spotted at motel puts on swim trunks and rides around on a motorcycle. He "road" through the hallways, according to police spokesman John Edwards. "Sometimes, I don't get all the letters right, but I get bits and pieces of the story, and they mean certain things to certain people," he added.

Milwaukee prisoners no longer get to stay up until 3:30 on weekends. Awwww...

A reverend wants to rename Whitewood, South Dakota's "Hooker Street" to something more family-friendly. I rather like "Batman Street", but that one's already taken.

The voice of London's Underground (also known as The Tube, the metro, or the subway) will no longer warn you to "Mind the Gap" as she's been fired. Reuters would have you believe that it's because she recorded spoof announcements on her webpage, Emma Clarke's Web Site, but the AP says that Transport for London liked the spoofs but didn't like Emma telling The Mail that she wouldn't use the Underground herself. Mostly because of the sound of her own voice. Well, no wonder they fired her! Besides, it's stupid to badmouth your own employer in public. In fact, I'm surprised the American Federal Government hasn't passed any laws against it yet. The big-mouthed, square-headed jerks in Congress have banned pretty much everything else that made life fun.

Rome's parking chief fired for parking illegally with an expired handicapped placard that was never his to begin with. The American Federal Government wouldn't fire someone for a silly reason like that... it proves that he knows his job well.

A robot that looks like E.T., makes toast, and talks. Time to start buying robot insurance.

Mugger steals a woman's cake so he can go back to jail. If they're smart, they'll send him to a different jail.

Miss Puerto Rico wins the Miss Universe pageant despite wearing a dress laced with pepper spray. I'd think her own people did it to provoke genuine tears, but there were a lot of other things that happened to that pageant, and her. Poor woman... just because she's an attention-seeking famewhore. By which I mean the very word "pageant" is pretentious enough... I can't believe people actually participate in that stuff.

Rhode Island Hospital operates on the wrong sides of three patients' brains. The doctor responsible can't be fired due to a disability... a botched operation switched the halves of his brain as a child. But the article says it was three different doctors. Hmmm... maybe whoever reads the medical forms has their brain reversed? Certainly, whoever CREATED the forms has.


Nov. 27th, 2007 03:49 pm (UTC)
Personally, if I woke up to a robot that looked like ET in my kitchen, I'd freak out. He looks so creepy. :(

And maybe the mugger wanted to go back to jail for the late nights? Then he goes back to find out they changed that policy. ;)
Nov. 27th, 2007 04:38 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised the computer world still wants to have anything to do with E.T. after the Atari game debacle. (I'd link to the beautiful YouTube video of it, but I'm at work.)

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