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Not a bad Sunday. I got my food shopping done and stocked up on beef, chicken, tissues, AND toilet paper. Yum. Then I watched another episode of Fullmetal Panic and the next two episodes of Hellsing. For tomorrow... we'll have to see. Probably the next DVD of RahXephon, since I've got a lot of catching up to do, although I'd like to get back to Saber Marionnette J to X. I think that's what I'll do. By the time I'm done with those, the new DVDs from animenation should have arrived, and then I'll have to watch Risky Safety to determine whether I want the rest of the series, and then I'll order it from there along with the Utena episodes I've been waiting for. Screw Sam Goody. What did I order, you ask? Well, there's obviously Tsukikage Ran 2 and Tenshi ni Narumon 2 (hopefully, they're smart enough to wait one day to send everything together, but... who knows?), as well as Trouble Chocolate 4 and 5, finishing that series, and Risky Safety 1, which I haven't been able to find anywhere else but would really like to see. I recommend checking them out, although I'll probably refine my recommendation once the shipment arrives. Meanwhile, Check them out.

For a happy coincidence, I remembered today that there was a bad line break in the online copies of GTP chapter 3. (People, TELL me these things if you find them! They're easy to fix!) I fixed that on my webpage and the FFnet draft, and a few minutes later, I got an FFnet review... for QEFEFZ. Writing-wise, I worked a bit on ADC chapter 9, and a bit on QEFEFZ chapter 3. Not much of either, I'm afraid, but more than I have been doing each day for a while. So here's an excerpt of some of it to celebrate, although anyone who hasn't read the original ADC might want to skip this one for now.

"Kane, stbk," Ranma did his best to shout. "Pzn... wire...."
"What was that?" asked Akane. "Poison something?"
"Ha!" Razor laughed. "On stupid girl precious poison wire wasting as if would I!"
"Poison wire, eh? So, that's what Ranma was trying to warn me about!" She took a battle stance. "If you want to take Ranma anywhere, you'll have to beat me first!"
"Easy!" returned Razor. He reached into his sleeve and threw a knife at Akane, handle-first, in a single quick motion. Akane caught the knife by the handle and swung her arm, sending the knife right back at Razor. However, her aim was wide, and the blade flew right past his shoulder, just scraping Ranma's back. "Ha! Me missing did you!"
Akane charged forward to attack at close range, but while Razor drew a pair of knives to defend himself with, Akane slid between his legs and rolled to her feet just behind him. Razor spun around to face her, but Akane quickly whipped the length of wire at him, slashing a cut across his upper arm.
Razor shrieked and quickly reached into his robe, withdrawing a small vial of green liquid. He pried the cork out with the blade of a knife, but before he could drink it, Akane snatched it from his hand and poured its contents into Ranma's mouth. "Drink this, Ranma! It's the antidote to the poison!"

By "el", I refer to elisteran, of course... we were talking about types of bad Ranma fanfiction in IRC, and he mentioned the two extremes of Akane, Mercilessly Pointlessly Angry Akane and Perfect Goddesslike Akane. I remarked after he left that this chapter may make Akane look like that second type, but hopefully, once it's over, all will be clear. And for once, I'm talking about the chapter, not the story.

I went and watched Catch That Kid, despite the fact that it's a kids' movie and thus was likely to be crowded. Thankfully, it wasn't, but it wasn't all that great, either. The plot itself wasn't bad, with a relatively plausible reason that a bunch of kids would try to break into a highly secure bank. But it wasn't exactly highly secure. Um... maybe I should put this in a cut too. The head of security for the bank had a single code that opened every door in the bank short of the actual safe... and he SHOWED IT TO THE GIRL. Not only that, but the numeric keypads actually pop up letters as they press the numbers, which spell out words. THIS IS NOT GOOD SECURITY. They also had the kids play Red Light, Green Light with the motion-sensing cameras... news flash, kids. IF THE CAMERA'S FOCUSED ON YOU, IT'S TOO FREAKING LATE. And then there was the happy-sick ending, but let's ignore that as just one of those things that's in every Disney movie... THEY PUT A FREAKING LOVE TRIANGLE IN IT. BETWEEN KIDS. AND MADE IT IMPORTANT TO THE PLOT. FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. Yes, that's a lot of capitals, but if they took the stupid love thing out, the movie would have been SO MUCH BETTER. The rest of the story was just fine on its own. I could even forgive the "security" flaws if not for that.

Another activity of choice tonight was just catching the tail end of the Oblivious marathon on Spike. This looks like a very promising show... the game show version of Candid Camera. The segments I watched had the host pretending to be a sushi chef barking out instructions and condiments to his patrons, then starting to ask them random questions. They weren't told until after it was done that every question was worth $20. And then the winner of that round had to pose as a tennis coach and ask a woman questions throughout her lesson. For every one she got right, she got $20 and he got $100. Sounds like it's going to be cool, so watch for it Tuesday nights at 9. And now I'm going to watch the rest of MXC and go to bed.

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