Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

My God, this town is freakin' suite!

I forgot deyaniera's birthday last night... ;_; Well, happy last bit of birthday, if there's any left. Probably not.

The trip wasn't too bad, aside from being stuck at the Indy runway for almost an hour, which cut our connection time at O'Hare to -10 minutes. We ran (well, I ran) from terminal H to terminal K and made it there as they were boarding all sections, but people took so long to board that there was no need to rush. The drive from the airport to the hotel was tiresome, but not too long, and the Bristol hotel is all suites. Second lushest I've ever stayed in, I think, and it's under per diem due to the corporate rate for the company we're visiting. The listed price for this room is something like four and a half times what I'm paying (via the Government). And to think I didn't want to come! Well, I still hate traveling. But at least the suite is nice, and fancy meals are included. I had Chicken Shiitake for dinner... gratis. They even offer red or white wine, although I naturally went with the iced tea. And I really need a shower, but as it's after 1 a.m. back home, I'm just going to crash and hope I can wake up with the alarm tomorrow morning. I'm setting it early so I can shower, do some Internet stuff, and have breakfast before the meeting.

The downside? A glass top on the table surface that makes my optical mouse worthless. It's the touchpad or the little nightstand if I want mouse. Boo.

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