Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I've stopped trying to come up with subject lines. It's not worth the effort.

Training went pretty well. There's a non-stranger on my team, so there's an element of familiarity. And so far, the work hasn't been difficult, but tomorrow is the all-day lesson that's pretty much key to everything. And more homework. But a passing grade will be very achievable. And the notes I brought for reference are all printed in the handouts. So I've got two copies. Twice as handy!

Today's Golf: I made my first legitimate Powerspin Tomahawk chip-in for Albatross tonight, mostly out of desperation as I was a stroke behind with two holes left to play. Nowhere near record... my performance leading up to that was sad and pathetic as usual.

Today's Heroes: Well, I was already told what was coming at the end, although it was just speculation at the time. I'm still disappointed when that happens. It may be why I've all but stopped writing... people are going to predict my twists and turns before I can even write them, and it won't be fun anymore. But the people who predict these things don't read my stories yet, so while that's disappointing, my ideas are safely ensconced in my head. I still need to get them out. Working on it... really.

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