Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Ryan Stiles has been reduced to chasing a little girl around a toy asking for her resumé.

Today's Bridge: We were doing pretty well, setting our opponents' contracts by one trick each, until Keith passed my takeout double and the opponents made the resulting contract for game. I think we're off one, at worst, in 4H. We were going to lose the two red kings, a spade, and probably the queen of clubs, although with ideal play, Keith cashes my king first, notices that Steve dropped the jack, and finesses Dan for the queen. We might make it if that works.

Today's Work: Things didn't get off to quite the start I was hoping they would. We've only got one computer that will run the program as it's meant to run, and the library seems to have more issues than I originally thought. It's throwing an error when I try to use a certain block of data, but when I run the same data a second time, it works just fine - however, that's not good enough. We may need to contact the company that made it and get some answers.

Why didn't I read Pretty Face when it first came out? It's got all the excellence of the typical teen love comedy, with the art and humor style of Midori Days, and the main male character is female! On that note, I finally finished the Haruhi Suzumiya DVD last night and picked Kashimashi to follow it with. I'd like to get to that tonight, but I also want to continue in Ar Tonelico. Having failed to encounter an area in Aurica's Cosmosphere that takes thousands of DP at once, I'm hoping to tackle the fourth level with just under 3000. I can get more easily in the current area anyway, if I start to run low.

Some of the new anime is tempting me... not only do they have Ramen Fighter Miki and now the last DVD set of Haruhi Suzumiya, but there's also The Wallflower. There's a big sale at ADV again... the usual 75% off lots of titles. Can I afford to pass it up? More importantly, can I afford not to?

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