Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I don't think I'm really talking about my day, am I?

Tomorrow is fairyjen03's birthday, but I haven't heard from her in a while.

I got a bit of a shock today when Curt called me from downstairs, very seriously, to let me know there was a message on the phone for me. Indeed there was. Some vehicular police from New Jersey had called and wanted me to call back today. It turned out that they just wanted to know who'd towed the Aerio after the accident, because the bumper had been dumped illegally, and it had the VIN on it, or something like that. I doubt they're going to get much information out of the towing company, since they just towed the wreck to a dealership in Northfield, where State Farm bought what was left of it, so the towing company's unlikely to know anything. But they didn't ask me who'd know. They asked me about the towing company. Nobody ever asks for the answers they want... they ask the questions they THINK will be helpful. But I couldn't have given them more information anyway. I don't remember the name of the dealership and I certainly don't know more about State Farm than the company name.

I should have been paying attention to Reaper, since this is the only chance to watch it if I plan to go back to watching House. Then again, I could always just keep watching this show instead and let Fox know they lost a viewer due to the baseball stuff... but that's not going to happen. Cavemen had a few good lines, at least. I rather liked when the yogurt clerk asked for the guy's card, punched it full of holes, and said "This one's on me." "Oh, that was my Social Security card... but okay."

I'm not going to say I feel better quite yet, but I've got time to play Ar Tonelico tonight, and possibly start the Haruhi Suzumiya DVD at long last. That will help the process along.

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