Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Shopping: 大成功!Best Buy gave me the refund for the My Name is Earl DVDs AND ordered the DVD cabinet to be sent to my house for free! They also had the third Haruhi Suzumiya DVD, but not the Wii Prince of Persia. I may get that next time I'm at Wall Market. I got plenty of new manga, too, including three final volumes. Those would be RG Veda 10, Magical x Miracle 6, and Pixie Pop Gokkun Pucho 3. I also got School Rumble 7, Ultra Cute 8, XXX-Holic 10, Zatch Bell 15, Ghost Hunt 9 (oddly, Borders has never carried more than 1-3, but today, they had 9 as well), Wallflower 13, Le Chevalier D'Eon 2, La Corda D'Oro 5 (did anyone else noticed that I filed Chevalier under C and Corda under L in my list?), Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution 4, Eyeshield 21 16, O-Parts Hunter 6 (when I last printed my list, I only had 3... how time flies), and the first Fruits Basket fanbook. Once the new DVD cabinet is in place, if not before, I think it'll be time to get a new bookcase. Perhaps sooner, since I'll need that space to assemble it.

Today's Gaming: The golf didn't go as well as I'd like. I still won, but I screwed up most of my shots. It doesn't help that I've been switching back and forth between seasons 2 and 3... the change in Control is hard to get used to. But I did finally play a bit more Eternal Sonata. Finally, the four main characters are in one party. I still haven't figured out how to take an A rank picture, nor have I found a Score. I'll get there one of these centuries. It was a nice change from MP3, at any rate.

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