Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Ack! Today was twh's birthday, and I forgot to congratulate him last night! So congratulations at the end of the day, buddy!

Today's Bridge: I was almost disappointed that my partner didn't do everything in his power to sabotage our team's chances of victory. Almost. However, as my partner was CP, freshly re-hired at Crane and close enough that he can make it over for lunchtime Bridge, I'm grateful he hasn't lost his touch. We started with a well-bid 4C, then sacrificed in 5C Dbl to keep them out of a major suit game. CP figured we'd be off three, but my clubs were better than he was expecting and we got a nice crossruff for off one. It helped that we were only missing two aces and the K-Q of clubs... and Kelly took the queen in a ruff. Then Dan opened 2S, I bid 3C, Kelly jumped to 4S, and CP tried to bid 4C, but said he was happy bidding 5. Indeed he was... I made it easily, thanks to short suits to aces in both hands. With a game on our side, they got into a 3NT contract when I had A-10-9-8-7-3 of hearts, and CP had Q-J. A quick lead of the 10 to my partner's queen and Dan's king, Dan's failed finesse for the queen of spades, CP leading the jack to my ace, and I had four more heart tricks and the ace of diamonds still to claim. They got the next 3NT, though... I was stuck with no good leads, and the board had A-J of diamonds over CP's queen. Kelly decided to end by overbidding our 3NT auction with 4S, which CP doubled simply because... well, him and me against Kelly and Dan, a crazy bid preceded by Kelly's motto, "Well, it's the last hand!"... you have to double. I had 3-2 of spades and the singleton ace of hearts, but CP didn't give me any heart ruffs. We got three club tricks, though, as well as a couple of hearts and a few spades, for a total of off five doubled vulnerable. I don't mind seeing 1400 points so much when it's against the other side, although I really wish she'd let us have our 3NT. I was skeptical about our chances of making it. CP did have strong spades, though, and I had monstrous diamonds and four clubs to the A-10.

Today's Commute: Another stupid accident on 45 had me stuck for over half an hour. Eventually, I switched off the radio and turned on the DS, and naturally, traffic started moving soon after that. I barely made it back to town in time for golf, but for once, Taco Bell got me in and out quickly. It was also the one time Curt wasn't around... I'm not the only one who's been drawing that connection. The poor guy's getting dumped on from all corners. Hang in there, little buddy! Golf went pretty well, though. No new record for Wiz Wiz (both of the others improved by a stroke, though), but I'm only 21 XP away from Senior E, and 20,000 Pang away from Brie. And having a nasty cough that isn't quite strong enough to make me throw up, but is strong enough to be more than a mere annoyance. Too much postnasal drip. Must try to do something about that. I've turned the air purifier up to maximum and moved it in front of the air vent, so I should be catching the air coming into the room instead of just air that happens to be sitting near the anime DVDs. This appears to have made things worse, judging by the smell coming from the unit now, but it's hard to imagine that that much dirty air can be getting into the room and the purifier's not keeping up. Oh well. It can't be making things any worse. I'll just have to try vacuuming again tomorrow.

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