Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Iz not fixed

The Gatorade machine was doing pretty well... and now a bottle of MDX is jammed under the door where the machine dispenses bottles, so it can't vend anymore. At least it says "Out of service" until someone from the company removes the bottle... but it's been out of service too much already! Also, nobody's buying Fruit Punch Gatorade. Now I want fruit punch Gatorade!

ETA: I thought it was just going to be the Gatorade machine again... There's a woman in the building who always has horrible makeup and perfume you can smell for hours afterward. Also, her teeth are best not described, but it's hard to hold that against her. Not sure about her hair... it's a color that's normally associated only with anime or hair dye, but it looks natural. Anyway, she came into the break room while I was washing my thermally-insulated beverage container and waited for me to move away from the sink so she could dump the contents of two Coke cans. As if she couldn't do that while I was there. I was wondering "why would you open a second Coke can if you can't finish the first one?" but oh well. She went over to the recycle bins, tossed the cans, then surprised me by opening the fridge. "It would be so ironic if she got another Coke can," I thought. But she opened the middle-shelf vegetable crisper instead... and damned if she didn't pull out another can of Coke! Why would you dump TWO cans of Coke just to get another one? DRINK A WHOLE FREAKING CAN, STINKY PERFUME LADY!
Tags: gatorade, random thoughts

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