Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

There is no news in shining armor

McDonald's employee arrested for oversalting burger. Yes, put too much salt on a burger, get arrested.

Man arrested for pretending to be a firefighter aat actual disaster scenes. Yes, destroy the public trust, get arrested.

Man strips clothes off burglar. I wonder if he could still face an indecent exposure charge.

Another car with a kid inside gets repossessed, but this time, the kid manages to escape on his own. Of course, jumping from a moving car into a construction zone isn't usually any safer than being kidnapped, but at least that way, NOBODY will know where he is.

Woman sets her neighbor's trailer on fire because she thinks the neighbor stole her keys. Turns out they were hanging from her pants pocket the whole time. Now doesn't she feel silly?

"Help, police! Two armed robbers stole the pot I was trying to sell them!"

Young woman in short skirt and sweater asked to adjust her clothing before flying. Southwest Airlines - no fees for changing flights, big planes guaranteed, and no women in short skirts allowed! Operators are standing by - in tasteful clothing.

Naked carpenter acquitted of indecency. As long as he doesn't try to fly Southwest Airlines, he's okay.

Woman pours her 9-year-old granddaughter a few drinks of gin. Fortunately, say the police, she had only about half the legal BAC for driving - if she were more than half the legal age for driving.

Idiots swipe part of a pot plant from the back of an unmarked car. At least they didn't then call the police to report it. "Yeah, it was real pot. I got a sample!"

He just wanted to complain about not getting his FEMA handouts and ended up getting arrested for running a meth lab. If you listen to the radio station, learn the numbers! Also, don't be a stupid meth-head. 411 and 911 are completely different numbers, except for the last two digits.

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