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Today's Bridge: The opponents started with a 1S-2H-2NT auction, and Matt didn't know what Kelly's 2NT meant. He passed, which was probably not a bad decision, but I think they lacked coverage of a suit and Kelly didn't set anything up, so they ended up off one. Then they made 3S with an overtrick, and we made a 2S, which was a forcing bid on my part. Paul had opened 2H, and I had S A-x-x-x-x H A-J-7 D Q-J-x-x C 9 - not great, but I liked the distribution and could easily support 3H, but diamonds could also work if he had a fit, and there was always the possibility of something miraculous in spades. So I bid 2S, and he passed. Kelly led a low heart, and Paul gave me S Q-x H K-x-x-x-x-x D 10? C x-x-x-x, possibly with a club honor not worth mentioning. I let the heart run to my jack, then ran a diamond, pulling the ace. (I wanted at least one ruff before pulling trump.) Matt led a heart, so I went up with the ace, knowing Kelly was going to ruff. (I needed to unblock anyway.) I got back to my hand somehow, then led a low diamond. Kelly went up with the king immediately, so I ruffed low, cashed the spade queen for the finesse, gave up a few tricks somewhere along the way, and Kelly led to my good diamonds each time to help me set up the king of hearts. I made 3, having forgotten that I only needed two. I won't complain. Then we got competetive. Paul opened 1D, Matt overcalled 1H, and I had S 10-9-8 H Q-10-x D K-x-x-x-x C X-x, which was enough to bid 2D (barely), but I passed. Kelly bid 2H, Paul bid 2S, Matt bid 3H, and I missed that and tried to bid 3D. That became 4D, and Kelly went up to 4H. I don't think we would have made 4D... I led the ten of spades (a mistake... I should have started with the 8), and Kelly had S x-x H K-9-x D A-x-x-x C A-x-x ish... not a powerhouse, but not weak enough to make her bid BAD. Matt had to cover the first trick with the ace, making me believe Paul probably had the rest of the honors, and ran a few side suit tricks to the honors on the board early on to set up my honors. He pulled the first round of trump with the ace, then let Paul win a trick to cash a spade and switch to a club that Matt won in his hand. He led the jack of hearts to my queen and let that ride, leaving his king over my ten. But I was in control, and I fed my last spade through his void. He looked at it, realized his mistake, and grudgingly congratulated me on a good play. (I did have to think about it for a while... I considered running the trump instead.) He let that trick run to Paul's king, but when Paul led back the queen of spades, he had to take the king, and that left me with a good trump and the king of diamonds yet to take. In the end, they were off two because he fed good clubs through until I was forced to ruff, so I couldn't capture his last trump and throw diamonds at him. Finally, they had an auction that started off well enough and went steadily downhill. He opened 1NT (I figured our rubber was over... wishing I'd doubled the 4H), Kelly responded 2D, Matt bid 2NT, she bid 3S (?), and he bid 3NT. I characterized the auction as "Makes sense... mostly makes sense... possibly makes sense... makes no sense at all... and makes about as much sense as anything can after that." Kelly's hand was worse than expected... six points, four diamonds, and four spades. Again, Matt set up honors in my hand to give me three tricks near the end, and we had a few clubs to cash as well. Off three. I imagine there was a way to make one, somehow... there usually is, in a 3NT off three. If you're not trying to set up tricks, you can often take a few more.

Today's Work: More fun with DAWIA (including a lesson where a government person screws up royally... whee, it can happen!), documentation (a few more iterations, and we get exactly what we want, or close enough to get my lousy signature... I doubt Dan will ever give me signing authority again, once he sees my crappy handwriting), and the project where the guy who knows some of what's going on FINALLY came back to give me a hand getting started. I still have very little clue what I need to do, but at least I know where a few things need to go, and a few places where debug statements might help me figure out what's going on now. At least one of the DAWIA voice actors seemed really into what he was doing. Naturally, he was talking about Lean manufacturing principles. Only Lean team people and managers can manage to be excited about Lean. I just want to know why this guy wasn't doing all the voices. He could have made CAIV fun. "Now, you have to consider cost as an independent variable when making tradeoffs that affect cost, schedule, and performance goals!" Also, it was like a train wreck watching our systems engineer (the fictional one in the lesson, of course) make a demand he wasn't authorized to make and not being able to do anything. It's a good thing I don't play Phoenix Wright, or I probably would have been shouting "OBJECTION!" at the screen. I considered it anyway, but opted not to.

Today's Fortune: "Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure." Well, normally, I'd laugh, and indeed, I threw this one away immediately. But given the events of the past 14 days... maybe you have a point, cookie. Now, can I please fight the final boss and get to the Happy End? If I fight the final boss right now, maybe I'll get to see the ending where the mute character talks!

I got another statement from the health insurance plan today... and they paid the full amount. Amazing! I must have hit my out-of-pocket limit for the year. That should stem any inquiries about my health regarding my latest vomiting escapades... the hospital's charged me everything they can running every test imaginable, and none of them have turned up anything but a pinched nerve and a burst internal hemorrhoid. I HAVE to be healthy if they couldn't find anything in all those tests!

I found out today that Superdickery HAS been updating all these months... they just never changed the date on the main page. So now I'm all caught up again, except for that missing comic with the broken link. This one looks purposefully altered to me.

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