Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Did I manage to forget that today was pyrefangs' birthday? Man! You've got to be more memorable. Post more! Comment! Or at least fetch me a magazine.

What? I could read a magazine if I had one.

Oh, I do have one. The latest Shojo Beat came today.


Well, cheers, then! Happy birthday!

Today's Bridge: I probably shouldn't have bothered. I didn't get a lot of power to work with, but Kelly managed to make a 4C that I thought was pretty crazy. My six diamonds to the A-K and her two helped quite a bit.

Today's Work: I didn't even get to put on the hat I was planning to wear today. Too much to do in my manager hat, and I REALLY wanted to finish the DAWIA module I was in the middle of. I managed that much and passed the test, despite what seemed to be some trick questions. Two modules left, and they're short. I should be able to finish them in a week total... once I get around these tight deadlines and have time to breathe.

Today's Golf: Nothing particularly impressive, but I made all of my long putts, including a 20-some yard one after my otherwise great approach shot took a bad bounce on the edge of the rough and bounced off across the green. It's great when that happens on the drive... lousy when it happens on the approach. Am I the only one who's noticed how Kooh holds the putter? Watch her left hand next time you see her putt. It's so cute! I still haven't decided whether to get her the Kat Mittens or maybe another set of gloves that increases Curve. I use Spin more, but maybe it's high enough, and the other gloves look better. I'm waiting for clear glasses to come out for Arin or Kooh. I think they'd look good. I just hate the stupid pink tinted lenses. Gag me with a fork!

Believe it or not, I hope Don't Forget the Lyrics gets picked up for another season, because Wayne Brady is the greatest game show host ever. Yes, Howie Mandel had some great material, but Wayne's quick with the quips. In response to one of the lyric offerings for The Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" (A: I'm right there to comfort you B: I'll be there to comfort you C: Tell me where to comfort you) he said "Even if C's not right, I will never forget that lyric as long as I live." We need more cast members of Whose Line Is It Anyway hosting game shows... even if it's got to be Drew Carey setting that precedent. I only just made that connection now. I hang my wit hat in shame. (I think it likes potatoes... do you want fries, wit hat?)

I just looked up at what I typed about golf and read it as "... next time you see her butt. It's so cute!" I may like staring at Kooh's butt, but I didn't think I'd talk about it so openly! I'm going to keep that secret for a while longer, I think.

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